2nd Super Awesome Fun Times Cabinet

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2nd Super Awesome Fun Times Cabinet
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SecretarySuper Awesome Fun Times
Vice SecretaryDyl
Start13 March 2022
End12 June 2022

The 2nd Super Awesome Fun Times (SAFT) Cabinet was formed from the election of the Secretary at the March 2022 Secretarial election, serving a three-month term from March to June 2022. This consisted of the Secretary, Vice Secretary, and Ministers of Community Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Information, Recruitment, and Roleplay (co-held by two).

The final members of the 2nd SAFT Cabinet were Secretary Super Awesome Fun Times, Vice Secretary and Minister of Recruitment Dyl, Minister of Community Affairs Kavagrad, Minister of Foreign Affairs New Samon, Minister of Information Ghillemear, and Co-Ministers of Roleplay Callid and Podria.

Members[edit | edit source]

Secretary Super Awesome Fun Times was elected on 13 March 2022, and the initial Cabinet confirmation vote concluded on 22 March 2022. As Minister of Community Affairs is not a constitutionally mandated position, Super Awesome Fun Times delayed their appointment of founder Kavagrad to this position, so that Kavagrad could serve on the initial confirmation vote's election committee in accordance with the Electoral Conduct Act.[1] Kavagrad was confirmed in a separate vote on 25 March 2022, completing the formation of the 2nd SAFT Cabinet.

(ext. elected)
Super Awesome Fun Times
13 Mar-12 June 2022
Vice Secretary
22 Mar 2022-19 June 2022
Minister of Community Affairs
25 Mar 2022-19 June 2022
Minister of Foreign Affairs
New Samon
22 Mar 2022-19 June 2022
Minister of Information
22 Mar 2022-19 June 2022
Minister of Recruitment
22 Mar 2022-19 June 2022
Co-Minister of Roleplay
22 Mar 2022-19 June 2022
Co-Minister of Roleplay
22 Mar 2022-19 June 2022
Days into term

Confirmations[edit | edit source]

Initial[edit | edit source]

As two election committee members were nominated for initial Cabinet positions, Ghillemear and New Samon, they were replaced by Greylyn and Yong in accordance with the Secretarial Appointment Act. The confirmation vote election committee thus consisted of founder Kavagrad, Greylyn, and Yong.

The confidence votes on Secretary Super Awesome Fun Times's initial appointees to the Cabinet were held from 18 to 21 June 2022. All appointments needed to be confirmed by a two-thirds vote in favor, in accordance with the Constitution.[2] A total of 24 voters cast valid ballots. The following were the results of each confidence vote:

Position Appointee Result*
Vice Secretary Dyl 21-3
Minister of Foreign Affairs New Samon 21-3
Minister of Information Ghillemear 19-5
Minister of Recruitment Dyl 16-8
Co-Minister of Roleplay Callid 21-3
Co-Minister of Roleplay Podria 20-4

*Due to an error in the voting form, this confirmation vote did not offer an option to abstain for any position.

As a result, all five appointees were confirmed to their posts on 22 March.

Minister of Community Affairs[edit | edit source]

With the initial confirmation vote completed, all of Secretary Super Awesome Fun Times's constitutionally mandated Cabinet and Supreme Court positions were appointed, allowing for the appointment of founder Kavagrad as Minister of Community Affairs through the Vacant Position Act.

Voting for Kavagrad's appointment as Minister of Community Affairs was held from 23 to 25 March 2022. The following were the results of the vote:

Kavagrad confidence vote*
Sources: Results announcement, On-site poll**]

*Includes Military Voting and Dual citizen ballots cast on the RMB.
**Poll only includes votes from WA citizens

As a result, Kavagrad was confirmed as Minister of Community Affairs on 25 March.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The other two founders were unable to serve as the founder member (required by the Election Act) of the confirmation vote election committee at the time. Candidates or appointees can oversee their own election or confirmation vote if "absolutely necessary" (as per the Electoral Conduct Act), but Kavagrad's nomination for a position that was not constitutionally mandated meant it was not "absolutely necessary" for them to be confirmed immediately (the position was not mandated by the Constitution and did not need to be filled within five days, as per the Secretarial Appointment Act). See 2nd Greylyn Cabinet: this situation also occurred in September 2021, when founder Cedoria's appointment was delayed so that they could confirm all constitutionally mandated positions first, without overseeing their own confirmation.
  2. Article III.7 of the Constitution: "An appointment to the Cabinet must be confirmed with a two-thirds majority of electoral citizens in favour."