23rd Supreme Court

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23rd Supreme Court
22nd 23rd 24th
Chief JusticeNew Arkados
Start23 September 2021
End22 December 2021

The 23rd Supreme Court was appointed by Secretary Greylyn and confirmed by electoral citizens in individual confidence votes. This consisted of three Standing Justices and one Alternate Justice, and each served a three-month term from 23 September to 22 December 2021. The final members of the 23rd Supreme Court were Chief Justice New Arkados, Minor Justices Eloren and Kavagrad, and Alternate Justice South Miruva.

Members[edit | edit source]

Chief Justice
(int. elected)
New Arkados
29 Sep 2021-24 Dec 2021
23 Sep 2021-22 Dec 2021
Standing Justices (3)
23 Sep 2021-22 Dec 2021
New Arkados
23 Sep 2021-22 Dec 2021
Alternate Justice
South Miruva
23 Sep 2021-22 Dec 2021
Days into term

Confirmations[edit | edit source]

Initial[edit | edit source]

The following were the results of the confidence votes on Secretary Greylyn's initial appointees to the Supreme Court:

Position Appointee Result*
Standing Justice Eloren 24-1
Kavagrad 25-0
New Arkados 24-1
Alternate Justice South Miruva 25-0

*Due to an error in the voting form, this confirmation vote did not offer an option to abstain for any position.

As a result, all four appointees were confirmed to their posts on 23 September.

Court verdicts[edit | edit source]

The Supreme Court receives requests to prosecute citizens who are believed to have violated regional laws, hosting public trials and issuing verdicts following a final vote. The following are the verdicts that were issued during the term of the 22nd Supreme Court:

Case name Date issued Charge(s) Final vote Verdict
Kavagrad v. Kesmaria (2021) 8 December 2021
(Vote concluded 18 November 2021)
1 count of "Use of a government position to advance the aims of a foreign government or organisation, with intent" Found guilty by Eloren, New Arkados, South Miruva (3-0); Kavagrad recused (conflict of interest) Guilty, permanent banjection

Unless otherwise noted, the Chief Justice presided over each case.

Kesmaria v. Kavagrad (2021)[edit | edit source]

A trial request against Member of the General Assembly Kesmaria, filed by Minor Justice Kavagrad on 16 November 2021, accused them of "Use of a government position to advance the aims of a foreign government or organisation, with intent".[1] The primary evidence presented was a screenshot from the Discord server of the Union of Great Onionist Nations (UGON), a region that former TLA resident Ludwigsburg had become "Supreme Commissar" in. MGA Kesmaria joined the UGON server and declared their position as a spy and "UGONs [sic] mole within TLA" on 12 November, naming their roles as MGA and Ambassador in TLA's government and saying that "Ludwigsburg knows about me." Kavagrad accused Kesmaria of "spying upon TLA on behalf of a foreign region" in their proseuction, specifically advancing the aims of UGON and Ludwigsburg, both of which had attempted to publicly slander TLA following the latter's banjection from the region. Justice Kavagrad recused themselves from proceedings in their request due to conflict of interest as plaintiff, and was replaced by Alternate Justice South Miruva in handing down a verdict.[2]

Before the Chief Justice could preside over the trial business and discussion, and before the Court could agree to host the trial, MGA Kesmaria pled guilty within eight hours of the prosecution being filed.[3][4] Stating that they "agree[d]" with the request, Kesmaria simultaneously declared their resignation from the 23rd General Assembly and departure from the region, joining UGON. The Court unanimously voted to permanently banject Kesmaria on 18 November, and published their verdict on 8 Decemeber.[5]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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  2. Process for Alternate Judge voting outlined in Article V.4.a of the Constitution
  3. Court rule on presiding Justice as defined by Article V.5.a of the Constitution
  4. Trial hosting procedure as per Section 2.b of the Judicial Process Act
  5. Punishment issued as per Section 2 of the Criminal Offence Act