10th General Assembly

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10th General Assembly
9th 10th 11th
Prime MinisterHalfblakistan
Start14 June 2018
End14 September 2018

The 10th General Assembly was elected at the June 2018 general election. This consisted of eight independent members, and each served a three-month term from June to September 2018. The final members of the 10th General Assembly were Kavagrad, Halfblakistan, Auven, Grod Island, Llorens, Hecknamistan, New Arkados, and New Lonopolian Empire.

Zukalia stepped down from the General Assembly during the government term, and their position was filled by Hecknamistan after they were appointed by the Secretary.

Members[edit | edit source]

14 June
General Election
13 August
Zukalia resigns
Secretary Kavagrad
Prime Minister Halfblakistan
Senator 1 Auven
Senator 2 Grod Island
Senator 3 Llorens
Senator 4 New Arkados
Senator 5 New Lonopolian Empire
Senator 6 Zukalia Hecknamistan

Ministers[edit | edit source]

While not directly related to the activities of the General Assembly, the following Ministers were appointed by the Secretary to oversee certain areas of regional life during this term:

Date 14 Jun. 15 Jun. 16 Jun. 17 Jun. 22 June 18 July 2 Aug. 13 August
Minister of Diversity & Inclusion Halfblakistan
Minister of Foreign Affairs Llorens
Minister of Media - VegemiteIsGross Woflines
Minister of Recruitment - New Arkados
Minister of WA Affairs - The Final Horseman -
People's Advocate - Hecknamistan -

Proposals[edit | edit source]

Any bill requires more than fifty percent in favour, with this being held in a referendum for bills affecting the Constitution and in the General Assembly for those not. The following are the proposals that were put to vote during the term of the 10th General Assembly:

Name Result Proposer/s Description
Executive Amendment Act 27-0 Llorens
  • Separate descriptions of government branches
  • Remove clause promoting GA members as Ministers
Fixed Legislature Act 21-2 Llorens/
New Arkados
  • Set the Senators to a fixed number of five
  • Reverse the floating Senator number based on WA population
Candidacy Confirmation Act 30-0 Llorens
  • Require election candidates to post an RMB message confirming candidacy
  • Remove nominees who fail to do so within three days of nominations closing
Judicial Review Act 29-0 Llorens
  • Allow one Justice to lead the trial as a presiding judge
  • Improve the efficiency of the court trial process
General Assembly
  Not passed
  Not passed