9th General Assembly

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9th General Assembly
8th 9th 10th
Prime MinisterKavagrad
Start14 March 2018
End14 June 2018

The 9th General Assembly was elected at the March 2018 general election. This consisted of nine independent members, and each served a three-month term from March to June 2018. The final members of the 9th General Assembly were Cedoria, Kavagrad, Halfblakistan, Hecknamistan, Llorens, Morvan, New Arkados, Nottinhaps, and VegemiteIsGross.

Members[edit | edit source]

14 March
General Election
Secretary Cedoria
Prime Minister Kavagrad
Senator 1 Halfblakistan
Senator 2 Hecknamistan
Senator 3 Llorens
Senator 4 Morvan
Senator 5 New Arkados
Senator 6 Nottinhaps
Senator 7 VegemiteIsGross

Ministers[edit | edit source]

While not directly related to the activities of the General Assembly, the following Ministers were appointed by the Secretary to oversee certain areas of regional life during this term:

Date 17 March 22 Apr. 24 Apr. 4 May
Minister of Archives - Llo -
Minister of Culture Llorens -
Minister of Foreign & WA Affairs Halfblakistan
Minister of Media VegemiteIsGross
Minister of Recruitment Kavagrad

Proposals[edit | edit source]

Any bill requires more than fifty percent in favour, with this being held in a referendum for bills affecting the Constitution and in the General Assembly for those not. The following are the proposals that were put to vote during the term of the 9th General Assembly:

Name Result Proposer/s Description
Code of Conduct Act 9-0 Cedoria
  • Bind GA members to the GA Code of Conduct
  • Issue an immediate VoNC for any violations of the Code of Conduct
Minor Amendments Act 22-0 Llorens
  • Allow the GA to vote on minor, inconsequential law amendments
  • Not require a bill to be created for said change to be passed
Justice Terms Act 19-0 Llorens
  • Clarify that Justices are only replaced when their successors are approved
  • Exempts non-election position vacation, which are effective immediately
Executive Article Act 6-8 Llorens
  • Require GA votes on all Minister appointments
  • Restructure Article II and reassign some clauses to new Articles
Regional Designs Act 9-0 Llorens
  • Enshrine the democratically selected regional designs of the Culture Comps
  • Expel any doubt as to what the official branding of the region is
Senator Ratio Act 19-0 Llorens
  • Change Senator to WA population ratio from 1:10 to 1:12
  • Ensure the General Assembly does not become over-sized
Auto-Replacement Act 9-0 Llorens
  • Adjust the time a Secretary can auto-fill a vacancy to better suit elections
  • Not require the Secretary to create a by-election nomination poll
Voting Amendment Act 9-7 Llorens
  • Change electoral voting to a Condorcet ranking system
  • Avoid small quotas, such as in the March 2018 Senators election
Minor Amendment Classification Act 16-0 Kavagrad
  • Require a GA to vote on disputed minor amendment classifications
  • Ensure more accountability in passing minor amendments
Election Moderators Act 1-8 Nottinhaps
  • Maintain the same election moderators for by-elections
  • Replace the existing one Secretary-appointed moderator system
Regional Holiday Act 9-0 Halfblakistan
  • Mandate the commemoration of a number of leftist holidays
  • Recognise a number of existing region-specific holidays, such as Assembly Day
General Assembly
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