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Government Branches
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
JudiciarySupreme Court
The Cabinet of
The Leftist Assembly
Current: 2nd Dyl Cabinet
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Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Minister of Information,
Minister of Recruitment,
Other appointed roles

The Cabinet is the executive branch of The Leftist Assembly. It consists of the Secretary and all of their appointed Ministers or deputies.

The Secretary's term lasts for three months, with elections commencing at the start of March, June, September and December, while the Ministers are appointed by the Secretary and confirmed by citizens in individual confidence votes.

This body advises the Secretary as relevant to each member's designated portfolio, assists the Secretary in their responsibilities, and enforces the laws enacted by the General Assembly.

History[edit | edit source]

Formation[edit | edit source]

The Separate Cabinet legislative package, which passed in August 2019, formally established the Cabinet as the independent executive branch. Previously, it had been incorporated within the General Assembly, with the Secretary being the dual executive and legislative leader. As per its changes, the Secretary was to only be the head of the Cabinet, which would consist of their appointed and confirmed Ministers, deputies, and any other desired portfolios. The only positions that were required by law were the Secretary, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Recruitment

Ministerial changes[edit | edit source]

The Minister of Information legislative package, which passed in November 2019, mandated the existence of the Minister of Information, which was already a voluntarily-appointed portfolio (earlier as Minister of NationStates Affairs). Its responsibilities were specified as running the census and Culture Competitions, maintaining citizenship rolls, and enforcing the endorsement cap.

Other voluntarily appointed portfolios during this time have included the Vice Secretary, Ministers of Apocalyptic Affairs, Events, Roleplay, and World Assembly Affairs, and a short-lived Curator role.

Terms[edit | edit source]

Term Election
1st Argentigrad September 2019
1st Llorens December 2019
2nd Llorens March 2020
1st Greylyn June 2020
1st Kavagrad September 2020
1st Dyl December 2020
2nd Dyl March 2021