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11th Secretary
In office
14 December 2020 – 14 June 2021
Vice SecretaryArgentigrad
New Samon
Preceded byKavagrad
Succeeded byNew Samon
15th Vice Secretary
Assumed office
14 June 2021
SecretaryNew Samon
Preceded byNew Samon
6th Speaker
Assumed office
14 June 2021
Vice SpeakerNone
Preceded byNew Flamington
Member of the General Assembly
In office
14 June – 14 December 2020
Assumed office
14 June 2021
Personal details
21 April 2020
(4 years, 2 months)
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Dyl (founded 21 April 2020) is an Assemblian politician who is currently serving as the 15th Secretary and 6th Speaker.

He is a member of the 'fifth generation' of Assemblians who founded following the separation of government powers in December 2019, having been the only nation in this group to have served as Secretary.

Dyl entered the political scene in June 2020 running for the General Assembly, where he was overwhelmingly confirmed in a confidence vote. He was subsequently re-elected in September 2020 as the fifth-ranking candidate in a competitive race. During these two terms, he passed legislation limiting the length of states of emergency to two weeks, adjusting thresholds for removal from office, and better specifying judicial responsibilities.

He then went on to be elected as Secretary in a landslide against New Samon and Talao in December 2020, campaigning on a platform of generational change in government and better engagement of citizens not involved on Discord. He fended off challenges from Podria and Talao in March 2021 to again win convincingly, promising a continuation of the status quo. His administration was notable for including a number of first-time executive officials and building new embassies.

Upon reaching his term limit, Dyl swapped roles with his deputy New Samon to become Vice Secretary, while simultaneously being elected by the 22nd General Assembly to become its Speaker after being the top-ranked candidate in the June 2021 general election.

Fun facts[edit | edit source]

  • Dyl was the youngest-ever nation to be elected Secretary at 7 months and 23 days.

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