2nd General Assembly

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2nd General Assembly
1st 2nd 3rd
Solidarity Party
Prime MinisterAuven,
Solidarity Party
Start17 July 2016
End30 September 2016

The 2nd General Assembly wasn't able to be elected due to a lack of candidates, leading to the formation of an emergency government committee by the incumbent Secretary. The members of this were Atealia, Auven, British Accia, Celera, Cedoria, San Ayon, and United States of Unfreedom. This General Assembly for two and a half months, from 17 July to 30 September 2016.

The Ministers that held positions during this term mostly the same as the previous term, with some changes made by Secretary Atealia to ensure most Ministers were members of this emergency 2nd General Assembly. This included Auven as Minister of Archives, Cedoria as Minister of Defence, British Accia as Minister of Immigration and Customs (replacing LightMine), and Khasinkonia as Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Ministers of Law (now known as the 2nd Supreme Court) were New Prague Workers Republic as Chief Justice, Celera as First Justice, and the United States of Unfreedom as Second Justice (replacing Devadia).

Members[edit | edit source]

17 July
Atealia announces emergency government committee members
Secretary Atealia
Prime Minister/Overseer 1 Auven
Overseer 2 British Accia
Overseer 3 Celera
Overseer 4 Cedoria
Overseer 5 San Ayon
Overseer 6 United States of Unfreedom