List of regional flags

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The regional flag of The Leftist Assembly is its primary symbol, being displayed prominently on its NationStates page. There have been six flags since the first was chosen on 30 January 2016.

Since the 1st Culture Competitions in September 2017, the flag has been a regular contest in the region's biannual Culture Competitions, which fields submissions in a variety of contests to redesign the region.

Name Design Creator Dates of use
- TLA Temporary Flag.png Locksmithia 30 Jan 2016—4 Feb 2016
- TLA Flag 1.png Celera 4 Feb 2016—10 Sep 2017
- TLA Flag 2.png Llorens 10 Sep 2017—19 Apr 2018
- TLA Flag 3.png AnPrimus 19 Apr 2018—18 Oct 2018
Starrise Starrise.png Llorens 18 Oct 2018—31 May 2019
Rosy Red Rosy Red.png The Final Horseman 31 May 2019—current