17th General Assembly

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17th General Assembly
16th 17th 18th
Deputy SpeakerKavagrad
Start14 March 2020
End14 June 2020

The 17th General Assembly was elected at the March 2020 general election. This consisted of seven independent members, and each served a three-month term from March to June 2020. The final members of the 17th General Assembly were Argentigrad, Delphinium Pulchra, Kavagrad, Kongoland, Podria, Rhineland Ruhr and Alsace Lorraine, and Wascoitan, with Podria serving dually as Speaker.

Members[edit | edit source]

The General Assembly was elected on 14 March 2020. The following timeline commences on 15 March 2020, which is when the first Speaker was elected.

Date 15 March
Speaker Podria
Deputy Speaker Kavagrad
Member 1 Argentigrad
Member 2 Delphinium Pulchra
Member 3 Kavagrad
Member 4 Kongoland
Member 5 Podria
Member 6 Rhineland Ruhr and Alsace Lorraine
Member 7 Wascoitan

Proposals[edit | edit source]

An amendment to the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in a referendum to be passed. Bills and amendments to Acts require a majority in the General Assembly to be passed. The following are the proposals that were put to vote during the term of the 17th General Assembly:

Name Result Author
Dual Citizenship Amendment
(Embassy Regions)
6-0 (1) Greylyn
(Delph. Pulchra)
  • Extend dual citizenship to nations from any embassy of the region
  • Ensure dual citizenship is not exclusive to NSLeft member regions
Constitution Amendment
(Embassy Regions)
37-0 (3)
Election Amendment
(Special Election)
0-4 (3) New Dekks
  • Eliminate all randomised electoral tiebreaker procedures
  • Enforce continuous one-day by-elections to resolve ties
Embassy Amendment
(Unacceptable Tags)
1-4 (2) New Dekks
(R. R. and A. L.)
  • Limit the tags that are eligible for embassy exemptions
  • Establish that certain tags are always unacceptable in embassies
Legislature Conduct Amendment
(Speaker Responsibility)
7-0 (0) Llorens
  • Improve the readability of the Act
  • Better match the existing responsibilities of the Speaker
Election Amendment
(Regional Poll)
4-3 (0) Delph. Pulchra
  • Remove election nomination polls in favour of RMB nominations only
  • Minimise the number of new nations filing unconfirmed candidacies
Constitution Amendment
(Resolution Reporting)
63-0 (13) Llorens
  • Mandate that the Secretary explain their World Assembly votes
  • Better inform citizens about World Assembly resolutions
General Assembly
  Not passed
  Not passed