December 2021 Secretarial election

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December 2021 Secretarial election
Secretary election
← Sep. 2021 1-14[1] December 2021 Mar. 2022 →
Turnout11.1%[2] Decrease 5.0%
Nominee Asturies-Llion Bruze Croatian SSR
Popular vote 5 1 1
Percentage 13.5%[3] 2.7% 2.7%
Nominee Flavor community aka flavortown Radio Free TLA Republic of a united Ireland
Popular vote 1 2 0
Percentage 2.7% 5.4% 0.0%
Nominee Super Awesome Fun Times Zambordia
Popular vote 22 2
Percentage 59.5% 5.4%

Secretary before election


Elected Secretary

Super Awesome Fun Times

The December 2021 Secretarial election was the twenty-third election to elect a Secretary in The Leftist Assembly, and the second separate Secretarial election. It set a regional record for number of both nominees and final candidates for Secretary in any election, with nominee Podria withdrawing on 7 December to reduce a total of nine nominees to eight final candidates on the ballot. Voting was held from 11 to 14 December 2021.

Super Awesome Fun Times was elected with a majority on the first count, marking their first term as Secretary with the 1st Super Awesome Fun Times Cabinet.

Methodology[edit | edit source]

Voter eligibility[edit | edit source]

To be eligible to vote, a nation had to be an electoral citizen, which requires that individual to reside in The Leftist Assembly with their World Assembly nation (World Assembly citizen), or to have their World Assembly nation be registered in an affiliated anti-fascist military (Military Voting citizen) or an embassy region (Dual citizen).

Ballots[edit | edit source]

For the Secretarial election, instant runoff voting (IRV) was used, whereby voters rank the candidates in order of their preference. The primary vote of each candidate is then tallied, and the candidate with the least votes is eliminated and their votes preferentially distributed in a repeated process until one candidate achieves a majority. If there is only one candidate, they face a confidence vote instead.

The election committee consisted of founder Kavagrad, outgoing Secretary Greylyn, and Speaker of the General Assembly Ghillemear. Due to the late appointment of Kavagrad to the election committee on 10 December, the voting period was delayed by three days, running from 11 to 14 December (instead of 8 to 11 December, as originally scheduled).

Endorsements[edit | edit source]

Only endorsements by nations who have previously served in an executive or legislative leadership position are recorded.

Candidate Endorsements
Super Awesome Fun Times Cedoria
New Samon
The Final Horseman
Asturies-Llion New Samon

Results[edit | edit source]

The following were the results of the first count:

Secretary vote
Croatian SSR
Flavor community aka flavortown
Radio Free TLA
Republic of a united Ireland
Super Awesome Fun Times
Seek Other
Source: The Leftist Assembly

As a result, Super Awesome Fun Times was elected as Secretary with a majority on the first count.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Due to the delayed voting period, the election concluded on the 14th instead of the 11th.
  2. Based on World Assembly population of 332, recorded 11 December 2021 in the Minister of Recruitment's Population Tracker
  3. Percentages from first count votes; 8.1% voted for Seek Other.