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12th Vice Secretary
In office
20 June – 25 July 2020
Preceded byKavagrad
Succeeded byGrod Island
Speaker of the General Assembly
In office
14 December 2020 – 15 March 2021
Deputy SpeakerVandensia
New Flamington
Preceded byAntinios
Succeeded byNew Flamington
In office
15 March – 18 June 2020
Deputy SpeakerKavagrad
Preceded byKavagrad
Succeeded byKavagrad
Backup Founder
In office
13 February – 23 February 2021
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byThe Final Horseman
Ministerial roles
3rd Minister of Community Affairs
In office
25 January – 17 March 2021
Preceded byWascoitan
Succeeded byThe Isles of Geese
13th Minister of Recruitment
In office
19 March – 25 March 2020
Preceded byThe Final Horseman
Succeeded byLibertasnia
4th Minister of Roleplay
In office
19 September 2020 – 22 June 2021
Preceded byBurninati0n
3rd Minister of World Assembly Affairs
In office
18 December 2019 – 30 January 2020
Preceded byNone
Succeeded byPosition dissolved
General Assembly roles
Senator/Member of the General Assembly
In office
14 December 2020 – 14 March 2021
In office
8 November 2019 – 14 June 2020
Personal details
21 August 2018
(4 years, 4 months)
Nickname(s)Pod, Poddie
Nation pageLink

Podria is an Assemblian citizen who served as the 12th Vice Secretary of The Leftist Assembly in 2020 and multiple times as Speaker of the General Assembly in 2020-21.

Political career

Entry into politics

Vice Secretary


Fun facts

  • Podria was the first nation to serve as Deputy Speaker, under Speaker Kavagrad.
  • Podria is the nation to have held the most concurrent positions: serving as Member of the General Assembly, Speaker, Minister of Roleplay, and Minister of Community Affairs all at once from 25 January to 15 March, 2021.
  • Podria is the only nation to have ever resigned during a vote of no confidence against them.