December 2016 general election

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Election Chronology
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December 2016 general election
Voting25-28 December 2016
Prime MinisterLlorens,
New Tuva SSR
Minister of
Fidels Beard
Minister of Imm.
and Customs
Minister of LawAuven,
New Lonopolian Empire

The December 2016 general election was the third general election in The Leftist Assembly and voting was held from 25 to 28 December 2016. The General Assembly, the unicameral legislature of The Leftist Assembly, consists of 9 members, 7 elected and 2 appointed by the Secretary of the Assembly. The election used the alternative voting system. As a result of only one candidate running for Minister of Archives, Fidels Beard was faced with a confidence vote instead.

The ministers elected to the General Assembly were Cedoria as Secretary of the Assembly, Llorens as Prime Minister, Fidels Beard as Minister of Archives, Franckley as Minister of Immigration and Customs, Auven as Chief Justice, New Lonopolian Empire as First Justice, and Losinia as Second Justice. The ministers appointed by the Secretary to the General Assembly were Slavansko as Minister of Defence, and Libertasnia as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Methodology[edit | edit source]

Voting[edit | edit source]

To be eligible to vote, a nation must be part of the World Assembly and reside in The Leftist Assembly. The voter numbers each of the candidates in order of their preference on a Google Forms document.

Counting[edit | edit source]

The election moderators were Llorens, Cedoria, and Atealia. Votes were counted and distributed using the alternative voting system. In this system, the candidate with the lowest number of primary votes is eliminated, their votes are redistributed according to the voters' preferences, and the process is repeated until there is a winner. In the Minister of Law election, the candidate that is eliminated second-last is awarded Second Justice, the runner-up is awarded First Justice, and the winner is awarded Chief Justice.

Debates/interviews[edit | edit source]

Aside from regular debating on regional platforms, the following special audio debates/interviews were held during this election:

  • Secretary debate with Cedoria and Saralove, hosted by Atealia:
  • Prime Minister interview with Llorens, hosted by Atealia:
  • Minister of Immigration and Customs interview with Franckley, hosted by Atealia:
  • Justices debate with Losinia and New Lonopolian Empire, hosted by Atealia:

Endorsements[edit | edit source]

Only endorsements by nations who have previously served in an executive leadership position are recorded.

Secretary[edit | edit source]

Candidate Endorsements
Cedoria Losinia

Prime Minister[edit | edit source]

Candidate Endorsements
Llorens Cedoria
New Tuva SSR Auven

Minister of Law[edit | edit source]

Candidate Endorsements
Losinia Cedoria

Results[edit | edit source]

Secretary[edit | edit source]

The following are the results of this contest:

Secretary vote

As a result, Cedoria was elected as Secretary.

Prime Minister[edit | edit source]

The following are the results of this contest:

Prime Minister vote
New Tuva SSR

As a result, Llorens was elected as Prime Minister.

Minister of Archives[edit | edit source]

The following are the results of this contest:

Fidels Beard confidence vote

As a result, Fidels Beard was elected as Minister of Archives.

Minister of Immigration and Customs[edit | edit source]

The following are the results of this contest:

Minister of Immigration and Customs vote

As a result, Franckley was elected as Minister of Immigration and Customs.

Minister of Law[edit | edit source]

The following are the results of this contest:

Round 1 Round 2
Auven 14 18
New Lonopolian Empire 9 12
Losinia 7 -

As a result, Auven, New Lonopolian Empire, and Losinia were elected as Chief, First, and Second Justice respectively.