19th General Assembly

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19th General Assembly
18th 19th 20th
Start14 September 2020
End14 December 2020

The 19th General Assembly was elected at the September 2020 general election. This consisted of six independent members, and each served a three-month term from September to December 2020. The final members of the 19th General Assembly were Antinios, Dyl, Nangka, New Samon, Sincadenas, and Wascoitan, with Antinios serving dually as Speaker.

Members[edit | edit source]

The General Assembly was elected on 14 September 2020. The following timeline commences on 15 September 2020, which is when the first Speaker was elected.

Date 15 September
Speaker Antinios
Member 1 Antinios
Member 2 Dyl
Member 3 Nangka
Member 4 New Samon
Member 5 Sincadenas
Member 6 Wascoitan

Proposals[edit | edit source]

An amendment to the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in a referendum to be passed. Bills and amendments to Acts require a majority in the General Assembly to be passed. The following are the proposals that were put to vote during the term of the 19th General Assembly:

Name Result Author
Criminal Offence Amendment
(Anti-Raiding Expansion)
6-0 (0) Antinios
  • Extend the offence of invading an ally to all embassy regions
  • Further removal of the distinction between embassies and allies
Embassy Amendment
(Embassy Confirmation)
2-3 (1) Antinios & Dyl
  • Require a three-day poll on the opening/closing of all embassies
  • Replace ministerial authority with democratic control over them
Constitution Amendment
(Chief Justice)
24-4 (5) Antinios & Nangka
  • Reintroduce the position of Chief Justice to the Supreme Court
  • Make the Chief Justice responsible for organising the judiciary
Embassy Amendment
(Military Exemption)
5-0 (1) Antinios
  • Allow for embassies with leftist and anti-fascist militaries
  • Ensure the legal basis for embassies like The MT Army
Constitution Amendment
(Scalable MGAs)
35-1 (7) Dyl
  • Adjust the office removal motion threshold for MGA numbers
  • Allow for 25 percent of MGAs to initiate an office removal motion
Constitution Amendment
(Alternate Justice)
34-2 (1) Nangka
  • Introduce a new Alternate Justice position to the Supreme Court
  • Make the Alternate Justice a voting member in certain conditions
Constitution Amendment
(Judicial Process)
31-1 (7) Llorens, Antinios & Nangka
(Antinios & Nangka)
  • Fix a loophole allowing no Alternate Justice confidence vote
  • Provide better clarity and specificity on Justice responsibilities
Court Procedure Amendment
(Judicial Process)
6-0 (0)
  • Rename the Act to the Judicial Process Act
  • Provide better clarity and specificity on the judicial process
Holiday Amendment
(Official Announcement)
6-0 (0) Dyl
  • Require the Secretary to post on the RMB about each holiday
  • Allow the Secretary to delegate the responsibility
Endorsement Cap Amendment
(Daily Adjustments)
6-0 (0) Llorens
  • Set the endorsement cap every day, instead of once a month
  • Ensure a more accurate endorsement cap on a daily basis
Criminal Offence Amendment
(Malicious Impersonation)
6-0 (0) New Samon
  • Criminalise the impersonation of others with malicious intent
  • Ensure protection of the identity of all citizens
Holiday Amendment
(Indigenous Day)
6-0 (0) Nangka
  • Introduce a new Indigenous Peoples' Day holiday on August 9
  • Improve the recognition of the struggles of indigenous comrades
Constitution Amendment
(Removal Time)
30-6 (6) Antinios
  • Shorten the government member removal vote to two days
  • Better facilitate the quick removal of government members
Election Amendment
(Separate Elections)
3-3 (0) Llorens
  • Separate the elections of the Secretary and General Assembly
  • Ensure specifically-focused debating concerning each branch
Electoral Conduct Amendment
(Mass Campaigning)
6-0 (0) Vandensia
  • Reinforce a then-recent legal ruling on mass campaigning
  • Specify the definitions of mass telegrams and dispatches
Criminal Offence Amendment
(Judicial Title)
2-1 (3) Antinios
  • Fix outdated references to the "presiding judge" in the Act
  • Reassign the job between the Chief Justice and Supreme Court
General Assembly
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