21st General Assembly

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21st General Assembly
20th 21st 22nd
SpeakerNew Flamington
Start14 March 2021
End14 June 2021

The 21st General Assembly was elected at the March 2021 general election. It consisted of six independent members, each serving a three-month term from March to June 2021. The final members of the 21st General Assembly were Idontknowium, New Flamington, New Samon, Sauros, Soviet Catgirls, and Super Awesome Fun Times.

Members[edit | edit source]

(int. elected)
New Flamington
15 Mar-14 Jun 2021
14 Mar-14 Jun 2021
New Flamington
14 Mar-14 Jun 2021

Members (6)
New Samon
14 Mar-14 Jun 2021
(ext. elected)
14 Mar-14 Jun 2021
Soviet Catgirls
14 Mar-14 Jun 2021
Super Awesome Fun Times
14 Mar-14 Jun 2021
Days into term

Bills and amendments[edit | edit source]

An amendment to the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in a referendum to be passed. Bills and amendments to Acts require a majority in the General Assembly to be passed. The following are the proposals that were put to vote during the term of the 21st General Assembly:

Key:      Passed by General Assembly,      Not passed by General Assembly,      Passed by referendum,      Not passed by referendum

Name Date of final vote Result Author
(Signatory, if distinct)
Dual Citizen Amendment
(Dual Positions)
20 March 2021 5-0 (1) Red Actions
(New Flamington)
  • Removes prohibition on dual citizens holding office in both regions
  • Provides greater leniency to dual citizens wishing to run for election
Vacant Position Amendment
(Multiple Vacancies)
23 March 2021 0-3 (3) Dyl
(New Flamington)
  • Allow for the election committee to host by-elections concurrently
  • Increase the speed at which multiple vacancies can be filled
Election Amendment
(Nomination Restriction)
29 March 2021 4-1 (1) New Samon
  • Prohibit candidacies for both Secretary and the General Assembly
  • Ensure no duplication of candidates in general elections