June 2018 general election

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Election Chronology
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June 2018 general election
Voting11-14 June 2018
Prime Minister
Grod Island,
New Arkados,
New Lonopolian Empire,

The June 2018 general election was the ninth general election in The Leftist Assembly and voting was held from 11 to 14 June 2018. The General Assembly, the unicameral legislature of The Leftist Assembly, consists of the Secretary, Prime Minister and a floating number of Senators dependent on the WA population (6 at this election).

The nations elected to the General Assembly were Kavagrad as Secretary, Halfblakistan as Prime Minister, and Llorens, Grod Island, Auven, New Lonopolian Empire, New Arkados, and Zukalia as Senators.

Methodology[edit | edit source]

Voting[edit | edit source]

To be eligible to vote, a nation must be part of the World Assembly and reside in The Leftist Assembly. The voter numbers each of the candidates in order of their preference on a Google Forms document.

Counting[edit | edit source]

The election moderators were Communistico, The Final Horseman, and VegemiteIsGross.

For the Secretary/Prime Minister contest, all candidates, including Seek other ticket, are compared head-to-head and the data is compiled into a table. The ticket that has the most wins is declared elected. In the unlikely event that no one ticket has the most wins, a series of tiebreakers is held to elect a winner. If there is only one ticket, they face a confidence vote instead.

For the Senators contest, all candidates, including Seek other candidate, are compared head-to-head and the data is compiled into a table. All the candidates are then ranked primarily according to most wins, however, a series of tiebreakers may be held if necessary. From this ranking, the top number of candidates equal to the number of available Senator positions is elected.

Endorsements[edit | edit source]

Only endorsements by nations who have previously served in an executive leadership position are recorded.

Secretary/Prime Minister[edit | edit source]

Ticket Endorsements
Kavagrad/Halfblakistan Cedoria

Results[edit | edit source]

Secretary/Prime Minister[edit | edit source]

The following are the results of this contest:

Kavagrad/Halfblakistan confidence vote

As a result, Kavagrad and Halfblakistan were elected as Secretary and Prime Minister respectively.

Senators[edit | edit source]

The following are the head-to-head results compiled in a table:

Auven Grod Island Igualmente Llorens New Arkados New Lonopolian Empire Zukalia Seek other
Auven - 11-13 20-4 8-16 17-7 13-11 18-6 19-5
Grod Island 13-11 - 18-6 8-16 17-7 15-9 16-8 21-3
Igualmente 4-20 6-18 - 3-21 7-17 4-20 7-17 13-11
Llorens 16-8 16-8 21-3 - 19-5 20-4 20-4 22-2
New Arkados 7-17 7-17 17-7 5-19 - 12-12 14-10 21-3
New Lonopolian Empire 11-13 9-15 20-4 4-20 12-12 - 16-8 22-2
Zukalia 6-18 8-16 17-7 4-20 10-14 8-16 - 21-3
Seek other 5-19 3-21 11-13 2-22 3-21 2-22 3-21 -

NOTE 1: New Arkados and New Lonopolian Empire tied on number of wins and head-to-head. On first preferences, New Arkados had ? and New Lonopolian Empire had ?, so the latter was ranked higher.

The following is the ranking of the candidates:

  1. Llorens
  2. Grod Island
  3. Auven
  4. New Lonopolian Empire
  5. New Arkados
  6. Zukalia
  7. Igualmente
  8. Seek other candidate

As a result, Llorens, Grod Island, Auven, New Lonopolian Empire, New Arkados, and Zukalia were elected as Senators.