20th Supreme Court

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20th Supreme Court
19th 20th 21st
Chief JusticeNangka
Start18 December 2020
End17 March 2021

The 20th Supreme Court was appointed by Secretary Dyl and confirmed by citizens in individual confidence votes. It consisted of three Standing Justices and one Alternate Justice, and each served a three-month term from 18 December to 17 March 2021. The final members of the 20th Supreme Court were Chief Justice Nangka, Minor Justices Antinios and Sincadenas, and Alternate Justice Ghillemear.

Members[edit | edit source]

Chief Justice
(int. elected)
19 Dec 2020-20 Mar 2021
18 Dec 2020-17 Mar 2021
Standing Justices (3)
18 Dec 2020-17 Mar 2021
18 Dec 2020-17 Mar 2021
Alternate Justice
18 Dec 2020-17 Mar 2021
Days into term

Confirmations[edit | edit source]

Initial[edit | edit source]

The following were the results of the confidence votes on Secretary Dyl's initial appointees to the Supreme Court:

Position Appointee Result
Standing Justice Antinios 34-1 (1)
Nangka 31-1 (4)
Sincadenas 28-0 (8)
Alternate Justice Ghillemear 26-2 (8)

As a result, all four appointees were confirmed to their posts.

Legal rulings[edit | edit source]

The Supreme Court may issue legal rulings on any disputes over the interpretation of regional law. The following are the legal rulings that were issued during the term of the 20th Supreme Court:

Ruling name Date issued Vote Summary of ruling
#8.1 (Dual Citizen Candidacies) 3 Mar 2021 Supported by Ghillemear, Nangka, and Sincadenas.
  • Judged that dual citizens holding an office in another region shall not be able to run in any election for any office in The Leftist Assembly without first resigning from the other office
  • Implied the ineligibility of Red Actions, dually First Minister of The Communist Bloc, to run for the General Assembly in the March 2021 general election
#8.2 (Dual Citizen Candidacies) 10 Mar 2021 Supported by Antinios, Ghillemear, and Sincadenas.
  • Clarified that dual citizens holding an office in another region must only resign from the other office before the voting period if running in an election in The Leftist Assembly
  • Specified that Red Actions was still technically an eligible candidate in the March 2021 general election, which expired the following day as voting started with their lack of resignation