13th General Assembly

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13th General Assembly
12th 13th 14th
SecretaryThe Final Horseman
Prime MinisterArgentigrad
Start14 March 2019
End14 June 2019

The 13th General Assembly was elected at the March 2019 general election. This consisted of seven independent members, and each served a three-month term from March to June 2019. The final members of the 13th General Assembly were The Final Horseman, Argentigrad, Dawtania, Greylyn, Fevhader, Kavagrad, and South Miruva.

Members[edit | edit source]

14 March
General election
24 March
Great Varia removed
27 March
Senator by-election
Secretary The Final Horseman
Prime Minister Argentigrad
Senator 1 Dawtania
Senator 2 Great Varia - Fevhader
Senator 3 Greylyn
Senator 4 Kavagrad
Senator 5 South Miruva

Ministers[edit | edit source]

While not directly related to the activities of the General Assembly, the following Ministers were appointed by the Secretary to oversee certain areas of regional life during this term:

Date 21 March 4 April
Minister of Foreign Affairs Hecknamistan
Minister of Information - Argentigrad
Minister of Recruitment The Final Horseman

By-elections[edit | edit source]

Great Varia vacancy[edit | edit source]

As a result of Senator Great Varia's removal from the General Assembly on 24 March 2019 in a Vote of No Confidence, 34-2, which followed several weeks of inactivity, Fevhader was elected in a by-election for the position. Voting was held from 25 to 27 March. The following are the results:

Fevhader Free Zone Isles Kalordolor Logikie The Utalian Collective Union of Aut. Communes Seek other
Fevhader - 15-3 16-2 17-1 15-3 17-1 14-4
Free Zone Isles 3-15 - 5-13 6-12 10-8 12-6 10-8
Kalordolor 2-16 13-5 - 9-9 14-4 14-4 11-7
Logikie 1-17 12-6 9-9 - 13-5 14-4 12-6
The Utalian Collective 3-15 8-10 4-14 5-13 - 15-3 9-9
Union of Aut. Communes 1-17 6-12 4-14 4-14 3-15 - 8-10
Seek other 4-14 8-10 7-11 6-12 9-9 10-8 -

The following is the ranking of the candidates:

  1. Fevhader
  2. Kalordolor
  3. Logikie
  4. Free Zone Isles
  5. Seek other
  6. The Utalian Collective
  7. Union of Autonomous Communes

Proposals[edit | edit source]

An amendment to the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in a referendum to be passed. Bills and amendments to Acts require a majority in the General Assembly to be passed. The following are the proposals that were put to vote during the term of the 13th General Assembly:

Name Result Proposer/s Description
Constitution Amendment
(Separately Elected)
19-25 Dawtania
  • Make the Secretary and Prime Minister elected separately
  • Create a further check on the power of the executive branch
Criminal Offence Amendment
(In-Court Offences)
6-0 Kavagrad
  • Add criminal offences related to contempt of court
  • Allow immediate banjection for contempt of court
Criminal Offence Amendment
(Electoral Conduct)
7-0 Dawtania
  • Relocate certain offences to the proposed Electoral Conduct Act
  • Allow for neater categorisation of different legal offences
Electoral Conduct Bill 7-0 Dawtania
  • Criminalise use of regional platform authority for campaigning
  • Ban release of any ballot information prior to end of voting
Design Amendment
(4th Culture Competitions)
7-0 Argentigrad
  • Apply the new designs chosen in the 4th Culture Competitions
  • Reaffirm the provisions of the Design Act
General Assembly
  Not passed
  Not passed