11th General Assembly

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11th General Assembly
10th 11th 12th
Prime MinisterNew Arkados
Start14 September 2018
End14 December 2018

The 11th General Assembly was elected at the September 2018 general election. This consisted of seven independent members, and each served a three-month term from September to December 2018. The final members of the 11th General Assembly were Kavagrad, New Arkados, Argentigrad, Libertasnia, Queerterra, Llorens, and Nottinhaps.

Members[edit | edit source]

14 September
General Election
5 October
Listel VoNC
Secretary Kavagrad
Prime Minister New Arkados
Senator 1 Argentigrad
Senator 2 Libertasnia
Senator 3 Listel Queerterra
Senator 4 Llorens
Senator 5 Nottinhaps

Ministers[edit | edit source]

While not directly related to the activities of the General Assembly, the following Ministers were appointed by the Secretary to oversee certain areas of regional life during this term:

Date 14 Sep. 15 Sep. 17 September
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Hecknamistan
Minister of Media Libertasnia
Minister of Recruitment - Nottinhaps

By-elections[edit | edit source]

Listel vacancy[edit | edit source]

As a result of Senator Listel's removal from the General Assembly in a Vote of No Confidence, 23-4, which followed several weeks of inactivity, Queerterra was elected in a by-election for the position. Voting was held from 3 to 5 October. The following are the results:

North Amherst Podria Queerterra Sky Meople Seek other
North Amherst - 7-13 3-17 4-16 13-7
Podria 13-7 - 9-11 8-12 16-4
Queerterra 17-3 11-9 - 11-9 15-5
Sky Meople 16-4 12-8 9-11 - 14-6
Seek other 7-22 4-25 10-19 4-25 -

The following is the ranking of the candidates:

  1. Queerterra
  2. Sky Meople
  3. Podria
  4. North Amherst
  5. Seek other

Proposals[edit | edit source]

An amendment to the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in a referendum to be passed. Bills and amendments to Acts require a majority in the General Assembly to be passed. The following are the proposals that were put to vote during the term of the 11th General Assembly:

Name Result Proposer/s Description
New Constitution
and Code of Laws
28-1 Llorens
  • Reshuffle some laws to simplify the Constitution
  • Make the Code of Laws a collection of laws, rather than a document
Ambassador Bill 6-0 Nottinhaps
  • Legislate and formalise the existing ambassador policy
  • Make minor wording adjustments for legal consistency
Design Amendment
(3rd Culture Competitions)
7-0 Llorens
  • Apply the new designs chosen in the 3rd Culture Competitions
  • Reaffirm the provisions of the Design Act
Constitution Amendment
(Set Ministers)
38-2 Llorens/
New Arkados
  • Require Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Media, and Recruitment
  • Continue to allow the Secretary to appoint other Ministers
Minister Responsibilities Bill 7-0
  • Specify the responsibilities of the set Minister roles
  • Legislate the existence of the recruitment program and FAQ
Ambassador Amendment
(Set Ministers)
  • Adjust it to reflect changes of Minister Responsibilities Act
  • Continue the same requirements of ambassadors
Legislature Conduct Amendment
(Set Ministers)
  • Adjust it to reflect a set Minister of Media position
  • Continue the same requirements of GA members
General Assembly
  Not passed
  Not passed