The Final Horseman

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The Final Horseman
Assumed office
15 April 2018
Preceded byBritish Accia
Backup founder
Assumed office
23 February 2021
Preceded byPodria (interim)
8th Secretary
In office
14 March – 14 September 2019
Vice SecretaryArgentigrad
Preceded byNew Arkados
Succeeded byArgentigrad
Ministerial roles
6th Minister of Defence
In office
18 April – 25 October 2017
Preceded byNew Tuva SSR
Succeeded byPosition dissolved
12th Minister of Recruitment
In office
8 January 2019 – 19 March 2020
SecretaryNew Arkados
Preceded byGrod Island
Succeeded byPodria
3rd Minister of Roleplay
In office
19 March – 20 June 2020
Serving jointly with Burninati0n
Preceded byBurninati0n
Succeeded byBurninati0n
2nd Minister of World Assembly Affairs
In office
17 June – 13 August 2018
Preceded byHalfblakistan
Succeeded byPosition dissolved
General Assembly roles
Senator/Member of the General Assembly
In office
14 December 2019 – 14 March 2020
In office
14 December 2018 – 14 March 2019
Supreme Court roles
Justice of the Supreme Court
In office
20 August – 20 September 2018
Personal details
FoundedThe Final Horseman
23 February 2015
(9 years)
Nickname(s)Horsie, TFH
Nation pageLink

The Final Horseman is an Assemblian politician who is a current co-founder and served as the 8th Secretary in 2019.

Political career[edit | edit source]

Fun facts[edit | edit source]

  • The Final Horseman was the longest-serving Minister of Recruitment, serving 436 days, which is the second-longest any nation has served continuously in a government role (excluding founders) behind Morvan as Justice.

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