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10th Secretary
In office
14 June – 14 September 2020
Vice SecretaryPodria
Grod Island
Preceded byLlorens
Succeeded byKavagrad
11th Vice Secretary
In office
22 September – 18 December 2019
Preceded byArgentigrad
Succeeded byVacant
Ministerial roles
11th Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
18 December 2019 – 20 June 2020
Preceded byHecknamistan
Succeeded byCedoria
3rd Minister of Information
In office
19 September – 18 December 2020
Preceded byNottinhaps
Succeeded byVandensia
General Assembly roles
Senator/Member of the General Assembly
In office
14 December 2020 – 20 January 2021
In office
14 March – 14 December 2019
Personal details
4 December 2018
(5 years, 7 months)[1]
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Greylyn (founded 4 December 2018) is an Assemblian citizen who served as the 10th Secretary in 2020.

He is a member of the 'fourth generation' of Assemblian politicians who founded after the simplification of the Constitution in September 2018, being the only nation in this group to have served as Secretary.

Greylyn entered the political scene in March 2019 running for the General Assembly, emerging victorious as the last of five successful candidates, which was the beginning of three consecutive terms. During this time, he notably co-authored the landmark Separate Cabinet legislative package with Llorens and Uan aa Boa, and narrowly failed to legislate a civil service for the executive branch, while he would later also pass legislation enshrining dual citizenship.

During the last of these terms, he simultaneously served as Vice Secretary to Argentigrad, setting up his own tilt for the leadership in December 2019. Campaigning primarily on the platform of instituting a civil service, Greylyn suffered a landslide defeat to former Secretary Llorens. The rivalry re-emerged in the subsequent March 2020 general election, with Greylyn losing this time by just one vote. Throughout Llorens' two terms, Greylyn served as his Minister of Foreign Affairs, including during the Democratic Socialist Assembly's fallout with the NSLeft.

Following the retirement of Llorens, Greylyn won unopposed in his third attempt in June 2020. His term is mostly remembered for experimentation with the civil service, which Greylyn himself later admitted did not turn out as well as expected as it did not attract many volunteers and was relatively inactive during this time. He opted not to run for a second term, with his successor Kavagrad largely overturning the program.

In his post-Secretary career, Greylyn served one term as Minister of Information under Secretary Kavagrad, notably hosting the 7th Culture Competitions in October 2020. He then ran for the General Assembly again in December 2020, receiving the highest confidence vote of any candidate, and passed the Regional Officers Act with Llorens. However, he resigned after one month to work on a new region of his own – the United Proletarian Concord. He returned to the region on 23 July 2021 due to the slow uptake of his new community.

Fun facts[edit | edit source]

  • Greylyn was the first-ever nation to ever lose two elections for Secretary.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Greylyn departed The Leftist Assembly on 5 February 2021 and returned on 23 July 2021.