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4th Prime Minister
In office
21 August – 14 December 2017
Preceded byObiristan
Succeeded byAtealia
In office
10 May – 30 June 2017
Preceded byAtealia
Succeeded byObiristan
4th Minister of Immigration and Customs
In office
31 December 2016 – 30 March 2017
Preceded byDaemynos
Succeeded byObiristan
Personal details
8 August 2016
Ceased25 December 2017
(1 year, 4 months)
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Franckley (8 August 2016 – 25 December 2017) was an Assemblian politician who served as the 4th Prime Minister twice in 2017.

He was a member of the 'second generation' of Assemblians who founded in the early days of the region. Franckley was first elected to political office as the Minister of Immigration and Customs in December 2016 in a landslide against original regional co-founder USSRs, who withdrew shortly before voting. During the campaign, they were especially critical of First Justice Losinia's recently-passed Criminal Recognition Act, which moved authority over banjections from the judiciary to the legislature.

Their term in office was uneventful in terms of population, with approximately 100 total nations residing in the region, while Prime Minister Llorens began running the first-ever regional auto-recruitment program since they were unable to run the software.

Franckley then returned to office as Prime Minister following the April Crisis, filling a vacancy caused by Losinia's fleeing from the region and subsequent leadership promotion of Atealia to Secretary. He narrowly defeated New Tuva SSR, then the recently-deposed Minister of Foreign Affairs and lapsed ally of Losinia, by just four votes. He ran on a platform of weekly General Assembly reports and ensuring all members of the General Assembly remained active, given persistent inactivity in the preceding term.

He withdrew from a re-election run in the June 2017 general election after becoming busy with real-life commitments. However, he eventually returned to the office in that same term in a by-election to become deputy to Secretary Llorens, which followed two failed confidence votes for other candidates in the preceding general election and a by-election. This was the first-ever 'Assemblian native' leadership pair. He was re-elected in September 2017 general election with a landslide victory.

Fun facts[edit | edit source]

  • Franckley was the first nation to serve as Prime Minister under two different Secretaries.

Quotes[edit | edit source]