Parliament of Llorens

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Parliament of Llorens
5th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
Justine Vartu,
Socialist Party
since 29 June 2019
Vice President
Pietra Kapara-Sana,
Green Party
since 27 June 2020
Political groups
Government (51)
     Socialist (27)
     Green (13)
     Communist (11)
Opposition (49)
     Libertarian (30)
     Conservative (10)
     Democratic (9)
Closed-list proportional representation
Last election
27 June 2020
Next election
26 June 2021
Meeting place
Red Wing, Federation Building,
Zexaro, Llorens

The Parliament of Llorens is the legislative branch of the government of Llorens, synonymously used to refer to the unicameral chamber, which makes and ratifies laws for the citizens of the country. The chamber consists of 100 members, who are elected to one-year terms through closed-list proportional representation.

Llorens follows a parliamentary system of government, so the leader of the majority party or coalition in the Parliament serves as President, while the deputy leader serves as the Vice President. They appoint Ministers to the executive branch of the government of Llorens, the Administrative Council.

The 5th Parliament is currently sitting, having been elected at the 2020 federal election. Justine Vartu and Pietra Kapara-Sana are currently serving as President and Vice President respectively.

History[edit | edit source]

Term Elected in Majority party/coalition President Vice-President
1st Parliament 2016 election Socialist / Green Elisabeth Harland Josef Cervenka
2nd Parliament 2017 election Green / Socialist Fraser Zilberschlag Elisabeth Harland
3rd Parliament 2018 election Socialist Sofia Vusmein Ludwig Gurrentin
4th Parliament 2019 election Socialist / Communist Justine Vartu Giorgio Rentanti
5th Parliament 2020 election Socialist / Green / Communist Justine Vartu Pietra Kapara-Sana

Composition[edit | edit source]

The Parliament of Llorens consists of 100 members, being physically organised in an arch-shape. The leader and deputy leader of the majority party or coalition government in power are the President and Vice President respectively. To be eligible to run for office, a person must be a citizen of Llorens and 16 years or older.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

A proposed law or motion can be addressed to the Parliament can be introduced either as a Government's Bill or as a Private Member's Bill, depending on the signatory member. Typically, all members are then notified of the bill one week prior to its discussion and vote within Parliament by the Speaker.

Most bills and motions follow a two-stage process before being ratified. The first session is called the Discussion Session, where one representative of each party is eligible to speak or ask questions on the proposed legislation. At the conclusion of this session, the Parliament will vote on whether the discussion should be ended and the bill or motion be sent to the next stage. Once a majority has agreed to this, it proceeds to the Voting Session, where each member casts their vote either in favour or against, or otherwise abstains, using the electronic voting system installed in the chamber. Most bills or motions requires a simple majority in favour to be passed.

For amendments to the Constitution, the Parliament must achieve a two-thirds majority in both votes of the Discussion and Voting Sessions. If the amendment is agreed to by the Parliament, then a referendum of all eligible voting citizens of Llorens will be hosted, where a two-thirds majority of all valid ballots in favour is required to ratify the amendment.

Elections[edit | edit source]

2016 19 31 25 6 11 8
2017 10 18 36 9 8 19
2018 23 52 10 8 4 3
2019 16 35 7 6 2 34
2020 11 27 13 9 10 30