Administrative Council of Llorens

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Administrative Council of Llorens
Llorens Coat of Arms.png
HeadquartersGold Wing,
Federation Building,
Zexaro, Llorens
Justine Vartu
Vice President
Pietra Kapara-Sana

The Administrative Council of Llorens is the executive branch of the government of Llorens, which executes the laws made by the Parliament and assists the President through various councillor portfolios and departments.

The Administrative Council is led by the President and Vice President, which are currently Justine Vartu and Pietra Kapara-Sana respectively, and consists of at least 10 other Councillors appointed by the President.

History[edit | edit source]

The Constitution of Llorens mandates that the President is the leader of whichever party or coalition can achieve a majority in the Parliament. The President then must appoint their Administrative Council within one week of forming a government.

The following lists all the Presidents and Vice Presidents that have led the Administrative Council:

President Vice President Term in office Election
Start of term End of term
Elisabeth Harland.jpg
Elisabeth Harland (SOC)
Josef Cervenka.jpg
Josef Cervenka (GRE)
25 Jun. 2016 24 Jun. 2017 2016
Fraser Zilberschlag.jpg
Fraser Zilberschlag (GRE)
Elisabeth Harland.jpg
Elisabeth Harland (SOC)
24 Jun. 2017 30 Jun. 2018 2017
Sofia Vusmein.jpg
Sofia Vusmein (SOC)
Ludwig Gurrentin.jpg
Ludwig Gurrentin (SOC)
30 Jun. 2018 29 Jun. 2019 2018
Justine Vartu.jpg
Justine Vartu (SOC)
Giorgio Rentanti.jpg
Giorgio Rentanti (COM)
29 Jun. 2019 27 Jun. 2020 2019
Justine Vartu.jpg
Justine Vartu (SOC)
Pietra Kapara-Sana.jpg
Pietra Kapara-Sana (GRE)
27 Jun. 2020 26 Jun. 2021 2020