Federation Court of Llorens

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Federation Court of Australia
Jurisdiction Llorens
LocationValstana, Llorens
Composition methodNon-partisan presidential appointment following advice of the Parliamentary Judiciary Committee and two-thirds approval of the Parliament
Authorized byConstitution of Llorens
Appeals toNil
Appeals fromDistrict Courts of each province
Judge term length7 years
Number of positions7
Chief Judge
CurrentlyDerek Yeomann
Since1 July 2016 (2016-07-01)
Until1 July 2023 (2023-07-01)

The Federation Court of Llorens is the judicial branch of the government of Llorens, which interprets the Constitution and laws passed by the Parliament in matters of dispute. One Chief Judge and six Associate Judges sit on the court, each representing one of the seven Llorenian provinces; one Judge is replaced each year so that each serves rotating seven-year terms.

The current Chief Judge is Derek Yeomann, who was an initial Judge confirmed to the Federation Court on 1 July 2016, with their term ending in 2023.

History[edit | edit source]

The Constitution of Llorens mandates that the first six Judges to be replaced will have shortened terms before the full seven-year terms commence, in order to allow for the seven-year rotating system. In effect, this means that the Chief Judge was the only original Judge appointed to a seven-year term, whereas the others spanned between one and six years.

The following lists all Judges that have served on the Federation Court, with Chief Judges highlighted in blue.

Name Term on court Province Appointed by Chief Judge
Start End

Matevž Abreu
1 Jul. 2016 1 Jul. 2017 Rinture President Elisabeth Harland Yeomann (2016-17)

Ivor Ahlberg
1 Jul. 2016 1 Jul. 2018 Ytelia President Elisabeth Harland Yeomann (2016-18)

Costanzo Emmetti
1 Jul. 2016 1 Jul. 2019 Xeñana President Elisabeth Harland Yeomann (2016-19)

Nathalie Bernhard
1 Jul. 2016 1 Jul. 2020 Zana President Elisabeth Harland Yeomann (2016-20)

Bianca Stenberg
1 Jul. 2016 1 Jul. 2021 Ceybisa President Elisabeth Harland Yeomann (2016-21)

Yvette MacKenna
1 Jul. 2016 1 Jul. 2022 Vusmein President Elisabeth Harland Yeomann (2016-22)

Derek Yeomann
1 Jul. 2016 1 Jul. 2023 Notonfigo President Elisabeth Harland Yeomann (2016-23)

Darcie Winton
1 Jul. 2017 1 Jul. 2024 Rinture President Fraser Zilberschlag Yeomann (2017-23),
TBD (2023-2024)

Signe Butler
1 Jul. 2018 1 Jul. 2025 Ytelia President Sofia Vusmein Yeomann (2018-23),
TBD (2023-2025)

Oskar Fuchs
1 Jul. 2019 1 Jul. 2026 Xeñana President Justine Vartu Yeomann (2019-23),
TBD (2023-2026)

Cordula Kopecký
1 Jul. 2020 1 Jul. 2027 Zana President Justine Vartu Yeomann (2020-23),
TBD (2023-2027)