Parliament of Labuepé

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Parliament of Labuepé
103rd Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
Prime Minister
Avektovoir Tewoldé,
Green Party
since 1 January 2020
Deputy Prime Minister
Yared Nebiyou,
Socialist Party
since 1 January 2020
Political groups
Government (70)
     Green (30)
     Socialist (27)
     Democratic (13)
Opposition (30)
     Jyahklatovalian Nationalist (11)
     Conservative (10)
     Communist (9)
Closed-list proportional representation
Last election
1 January 2020
Next election
1 January 2021
Meeting place
Labuepé Parlaomont Hudéseku,
Labuepémiji, Labuepé

The Parliament of Labuepé is the legislative branch of the government of Labuepé, synonymously used to refer to the unicameral chamber, which makes and ratifies laws for the citizens of the country. The chamber consists of 100 members, who are elected to one-year terms through closed-list proportional representation.

Labuepé follows a parliamentary system of government, so the leader of the majority party or coalition in the Parliament serves as Prime Minister, while the deputy leader serves as the Deputy Prime Minister. They appoint Ministers to each ministry in the government.

The 103rd Parliament is currently sitting, having been elected at the 2020 general election. Avektovoir Tewoldé and Yared Nebiyou are currently serving as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively.

History[edit | edit source]

Term Elected in Majority party/coalition Prime Minister Deputy Prime Minister
1st Parliament 1917 election Conservative / Democratic Muhrazaini Lakalé Amanuel Nakayené
2nd Parliament 1918 election Conservative / Democratic Muhrazaini Lakalé Amanuel Nakayené
3rd Parliament 1919 election Conservative / Democratic Muhrazaini Lakalé Amanuel Nakayené
4th Parliament 1920 election Izimanuzaini / Communist Gaulle Muhrazaini VII Medr Kaleb
5th Parliament 1921 election Democratic Amanuel Nakayené Jember Teoflyos
6th Parliament 1922 election Earth Jember Teoflyos Yitébarke Yaaseen
7th Parliament 1923 election Communist / Callidian Yitébarke Yaaseen John Beckenbauer
8th Parliament 1924 election Communist / Democratic Yitébarke Yaaseen Amanuel Nakayené
9th Parliament 1925 election Democratic Amanuel Nakayené Anom Abé
10th Parliament 1926 election Conservative / International Abdulazim Abdulaziz Amir Belendia
11th Parliament 1927 election Conservative Abdulazim Abdulaziz Amir Belendia
12th Parliament 1928 election Callidian Timothy Win Tréfé Bellanjeer
13th Parliament 1929 election International / Communist Amir Belendia Amir Kaléyesus
14th Parliament 1930 election Callidian / Earth / International Bessufekad Alému Kalayaros Papos
15th Parliament 1931 election Callidian / International Abdulaziz G. Schrieber Markos Ma Derejé
16th Parliament 1932 election Conservative / Communist Daniqew Abdul-Jabbar Legessé Adineu
17th Parliament 1933 election International Neziizii Abdulaziz Tesfahunegwahwé XXIV
18th Parliament 1934 election Conservative Ré'o Jember Yessuf Al-Shareef Mazir
19th Parliament 1935 election Communist / Izimanuzaini Tesfahunegwahwé XXIV Melkamu Pépé'lé
20th Parliament 1936 election Izimanuzaini Melkamu Pépé'lé Biruh Amaré
21st Parliament 1937 election Izimanuzaini / Conservative Muhrazaini Abdul-Hakim Hadaagu "Yeeb" Meba
22nd Parliament 1938 election Green Wedu Hakim Anwar Tadessé Girmai
23rd Parliament 1939 election International / Green Winston Ackermann Wedu Hakim Anwar
24th Parliament 1940 election International Nahum Negasso Azikiwé Tamrat
25th Parliament 1941 election International Winston Ackermann Alqadr T. Nisisi'ak'yé
26th Parliament 1942 election International / Conservative Winston Ackermann Abdel al-de-Nimokok
27th Parliament 1943 election International Winston Ackermann Feléké Nahom
28th Parliament 1944 election Conservative / International Ahemed Rufa'el Winston Ackermann
29th Parliament 1945 election Conservative / International AaYéYé Bzuayehu Winston Ackermann
30th Parliament 1946 election Conservative / International Muhrazaini Mesarkos Winston M. Ackermann
30th Parliament 1947 election Conservative Muhrazaini Mesarkos M.M. Abdimeleq
31st Parliament 1948 election Conservative Muhrazaini Ejiguwagayé Uluuluuoo Akataqetqi
32nd Parliament 1949 election Conservative Raphel Abdimeleq Elesbaan YéYé
33rd Parliament 1950 election Conservative/Communist/Socialist Wakéyo Nahom Dagmawizelalemtiruneh
34th Parliament 1951 election Conservative / Socialist Nebiat Negasi Tsegayé Tim Schreiber
35th Parliament 1952 election Conservative Bezuayehu Dawit Wong Lee Xi
36th Parliament 1953 elction Conservative Wakéyo Mengesha Wong Lee Xi
37th Parliament 1954 election Conservative Yonas Melos Dawut Dawut
38th Parliament 1955 election Conservative Atikem Dejené Hassan Wedu Kamafaha
39th Parliament 1956 election Democratic Epraham M. Tabor Dagmawi Ermias
40th Parliament 1957 election Democratic Epraham M. Tabor Yared Tewoldé
41st Parliament 1958 election Green Amanuel Jovanović Medr al-Tibebu
42nd Parliament 1959 election Green Tegené Tabor Medr al-Tibebu
43rd Parliament 1960 election Green Tegené Tabor Muhammadu de-al-YéYé
44th Parliament 1961 election Green Tegené Tabor Eprhaim Blagojević
45th Parliament 1962 election Green Tegené Tabor Muna Dessalegne
46th Parliament 1963 election Green / Communist / Democratic Mesay Yared Amdé Eprhaim Blagojević
47th Parliament 1964 election JNP / Green Konstantin Trkulja Eba Tessema
48th Parliament 1965 election JNP / Green Zeki Ezekiel Nestorovski Ayelak Mussie
49th Parliament 1966 election JNP / Green / Communist Aregawi Stevanović Fassil Legessé
50th Parliament 1967 election Green Hassan Abdul-Rahman Kaleb Velimirović
51st Parliament 1968 election Communist / JNP Yaaseen Velimirović Kaleb Velimirović
52nd Parliament 1969 election Socialist/Communist/Democratic Ketema Mitiku Yaaseen Velimirović
53rd Parliament 1970 election Socialist/Communist/Democratic Ghidewon B. Amsalu Yaaseen Velimirović
54th Parliament 1971 election Socialist/Communist/Democratic Kaleb Ormo Yaaseen Velimirović
55th Parliament 1972 election Socialist / Communist Aregawi Teklu Yaaseen Velimirović
56th Parliament 1973 election Conservative Leul Yaee Aregawi Teklu
57th Parliament 1974 election Conservative / Socialist Leul Yaee Aregawi Teklu
58th Parliament 1975 election Socialist / Conservative Aregawi Teklu Leul Yaee
59th Parliament 1976 election Socialist / Conservative Aregawi Teklu Leul Yaee
60th Parliament 1977 election Conservative / Socialist Tsegayé Aféworki Aregawi Teklu
61st Parliament 1978 election Green / Socialist Avektvoir Tewoldé Aregawi Teklu
62nd Parliament 1979 election Green / Socialist Hobé de Labuepé Aregawi Teklu
63rd Parliament 1980 election Conservative Tell Mamo Eligamunqausen
64th Parliament 1981 election Socialist / JNP / Communist Nuunuu Tibebu Eligamunqausen
65th Parliament 1982 election Socialist John Zilberschlag Miimii Vladimirov
66th Parliament 1983 election JNP Zvonimir Cvetković Alemayehu Azim
67th Parliament 1984 election Democratic Alemayehu Azim Beka Débebé
68th Parliament 1985 election Communist / Democratic Yosef Kéhnhyé Azim Abdul Al-Shareef
69th Parliament 1986 election Socialist John Zilberschlag Mekésmeshm Abdelé
70th Parliament 1987 election Conservative / Democratic Wendimu Alem Amanuel Melkamnesh Tarik
71st Parliament 1988 election Conservative H. Bogalé Itefu Siyoum
72nd Parliament 1989 election Green / Conservative Mekonen Selassie H. Bogalé
73rd Parliament 1990 election Conservative / Green / Socialist H. Bogalé Mekonen Selassie
74th Parliament 1991 election Conservative / Green / Socialist H. Bogalé Mekonen Selassie
75th Parliament 1992 election Communist Sonya Šiljan Franck Belaqew
76th Parliament 1993 election Socialist / Green Franck Belaqew Mekonen Selassie
77th Parliament 1994 election Socialist / Green Franck Belaqew Mekonen Selassie
78th Parliament 1995 election Communist Gebreselassie Derejé Franck Belaqew
79th Parliament 1996 election Communist Gebreselassie Derejé Franck Belaqew
80th Parliament 1997 election Communist / Socialist / Green Lubaba Abé Abdul Asnaké
81st Parliament 1998 election Socialist / Green Abdul Asnaké Mekonen Selassie
82nd Parliament 1999 election Socialist / Green Mesay Finhas Mekonen Selassie II
83rd Parliament 2000 election Green / Socialist Mekonen Selassie II Mulugeta Abé
84th Parliament 2001 election Green / Socialist Mekonen Selassie II Derejé Derejé
85th Parliament 2002 election Green / Socialist Mekonen Selassie II Derejé Derejé
86th Parliament 2003 election Green / Socialist Mekonen Selassie II Saba Mikias
87th Parliament 2004 election Green / Socialist Mekonen Selassie II Abdul Esra
88th Parliament 2005 election Green / Socialist Aklilu Aron Iskinder Abdul Esra
89th Parliament 2006 election Green Aklilu Aron Iskinder Abdul Esra
90th Parliament 2007 election Green Aklilu Aron Iskinder Abdul Esra
91st Parliament 2008 election Green / JNP Aklilu Aron Iskinder Tomislav Grgurović
92nd Parliament 2009 election Green Party / JNP / Democratic Manasses Bililign Tomislav Grgurović
93rd Parliament 2010 election JNP / Green / Democratic Tomislav Grgurović Israel Tamrat
94th Parliament 2011 election JNP Tomislav Grgurović Bembowve Getaqew
95th Parliament 2012 election JNP Tomislav Grgurović Aron Aron
96th Parliament 2013 election Democratic Ephraim Atatafi Abdul Radosnedeljković
97th Parliament 2014 election Socialist / Communist Ephraim Zekulu III Saida Amaré
98th Parliament 2015 election Communist / JNP / Green Saida Amaré Tomićafeworké
99th Parliament 2016 election Socialist / Conservative Eprhaim Legessé Miimii Mébreté
100th Parliament 2017 election Conservative / Green Miimii Mébreté Yaaseen Bereket
101st Parliament 2018 election Conservative / Communist Miimii Mébreté Yirukemisrake Tesfahun
102nd Parliament 2019 election Socialist / JNP / Conservative Kaleb Stefanović Ephraim Borisavljević
103rd Parliament 2020 election Green / Socialist / Democratic Avektovoir Tewoldé Yared Nebiyou

Composition[edit | edit source]

The Parliament of Labuepé consists of 100 members, being physically organised in an arch-shape. The leader and deputy leader of the majority party or coalition government in power are the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively. To be eligible to run for office, a person must be a citizen of Labuepé and 21 years or older.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

A proposed law or motion can be addressed to the Parliament can be introduced either as a Government's Bill or as a Private Member's Bill, depending on the signatory member. Typically, all members are then notified of the bill one week prior to its discussion and vote within Parliament by the Speaker.

Most bills and motions follow a two-stage process before being ratified. The first session is called the Discussion Session, where one representative of each party is eligible to speak or ask questions on the proposed legislation. At the conclusion of this session, the Parliament will vote on whether the discussion should be ended and the bill or motion be sent to the next stage. Once a majority has agreed to this, it proceeds to the Voting Session, where each member casts their vote either in favour or against, or otherwise abstains, using the electronic voting system installed in the chamber. Most bills or motions requires a simple majority in favour to be passed.

For amendments to the Constitution, the Parliament must achieve a two-thirds majority in both votes of the Discussion and Voting Sessions. If the amendment is agreed to by the Parliament, then a referendum of all eligible voting citizens of Labuepé will be hosted, where a two-thirds majority of all valid ballots in favour is required to ratify the amendment.

Elections[edit | edit source]

2016 19 31 25 6 11 8
2017 10 18 36 9 8 19
2018 23 52 10 8 4 3
2019 16 35 7 6 2 34
2020 11 27 13 9 10 30

This is currently not accurate at all.