Communist Party (Labuepé)

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Communist Party
LeaderDaniel Nawaré
Founded1 January 1917
Political positionFar-left
Colours     Red
9 / 100
The Communist Party is a far-left political party in Labuepé. The party currently holds 9 seats in the 103rd Parliament and its leader is Daniel Nawaré. The party's core ideology is communism, being inspired by the Ormoism tradition introduced by a Socialist Party leader, Kaleb Ormo, as well as pro-Assemblian tendencies. Much of their ideology is inspired by the Socialist Party, but the Communist Party takes a much far-left stance.

History[edit | edit source]

The party was one of the first to be established when the Parliament was created in 1917. The first official party leader was Amaré "Almashita'asmo'al" Gebréhiwéyemané. The party had a female as the party leader in 1940, which made Miimii Nunu Bayissa the first woman to ever serve in parliament. The Communist Party has always been a supporter of the Socialist Party, which helped the switch to socialism even smoother. The communist party hasn't been able to exert much power over Labuepé for a lot of it's contemporary history, but because it has the more powerful Socialist Party on it's side, it's able to still contribute to Labuepé'ée politics. The current party leader, Daniel Nawaré, has been party leader since 2019, but has become very controversial due to his radical centrism. There are rumors that he is going to join the Democratic Party in the 2021 Labuepé general election.

Election results[edit | edit source]

Election Seats won ± Position Leader
9 / 100
Decrease 4 6th

Daniel Nawaré