Democratic Party (Labuepé)

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Democratic Party
LeaderSaida Masresha
Founded1 January 1917
IdeologyRadical Centrism
Social liberalism
Political positionCentre
Colours     Cyan      Red      Green
13 / 100

The Democratic Party is a centrist political party in Labuepé. The party currently holds 13 seats in the 103rd Parliament and its leader is Saida Masresha. The party's core ideology is radical centrism, intertwined with social liberalism.

History[edit | edit source]

The party was of the first parties to be established when the Parliament was created in 1917. The first official party leader was Amanuel Nakayené, who was the last President of Labuepé and the first Deputy Prime Minister of Labuepé. The democratic party is known for being noncontributing to Labuepé politics throughout all of Labuepé'ée contemporary history after creating the Parliament in 1917.

Election results[edit | edit source]

Election Seats won ± Position Leader
13 / 100
Increase 2 3rd
Saida Masresha