2020 Ruthenian Presidential Election

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2020 Ruthenian Presidential Election

December 8, 2020 (2020-12-08) 2021 →

All 538 electoral votes of the Electoral College
50 electoral votes needed to win
Nominee Alexander Linovsky Vsevolod Karpinsky
Party Communists New Whigs
Home state Polotsk Vitebsk
Running mate Mstislav Yakovlev Fyodor Korolev
Electoral vote 88 12
States carried 3 1 + Polotsk
Popular vote 59.028.444 62,040,610
Percentage 48.3% 50.7%

Presidential election results map

President before election

Alexander Linovsky
Communist Party (Polotsk And Vitebsk)

Elected President

Alexander Linovsky
Communist Party (Polotsk And Vitebsk)

The 2020 Ruthenian Presidential Election was the first and only election in Ruthenian history. The two candidates Alexander Linovsky And Vsevolod Karpinsky Are two different parties The New Whigs (Polotsk And Vitebsk) And The Communist Party (Polotsk And Vitebsk). They Both Campaigned Hardly. At The End Linovsky Won By A Wide Margin Against Candidate Karpinsky, At Closer Inspection Linovsky Might Actually Have Cheated In The election. The evidence was that absentee ballots all voted For Linovsky, and Soldiers Might Have Been Forced By Generals To Vote For Linovsky.