New Whigs (Polotsk And Vitebsk)

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New Whigs
LeaderSergey Fyodorovich Korolev
ChairpersonFyodor Korolev
General SecretaryRoman Romanovich Rokov
First SecretaryVsevolod Fyodorovich Karpinsky
FounderFyodor Korolev, Vsevolod Karpinsky
FoundedDecember 7, 2020
Preceded byConfederation Party
HeadquartersPolotsk, Soviet Socialist Republic Of Polotsk And Vitebsk
IdeologyClassical Liberalism, Whiggism, Socialism (National Ideology),Progressivism
Political positionCenter To Center-Left
International affiliationThe International Whig Assosiation
Colors     Blue      Buff
The New Whigs Is Party In The Soviet Socialist Republic Of Polotsk And Vitebsk. Due To The SSRPV Being A Communist Dictatorship The Party Never Won An Presidential election, they did win some seats in the legislative election but the communist party still is the majority in the congress