103rd Parliament of Labuepé

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103rd Parliament of Labuepé
Coat of arms or logo
Prime Minister
Avektovoir Tewoldé,
Green Party
since 1 January 2020
Deputy Prime Minister
Yared Nebiyou,
Socialist Party
since 1 January 2020
Political groups
Government (70)
     Green (30)
     Socialist (27)
     Democratic (13)
Opposition (30)
     Jyahklatovalian Nationalist (11)
     Conservative (10)
     Communist (9)
Closed-list proportional representation
Last election
1 January 2020

The 103rd Parliament of Labuepé was elected at the 2020 general election. This Parliament consists of 100 members and will be in place from 1 January 2020 to 1 January 2021. The Green, Socialist, and Democratic Party formed the majority government coalition comprising 70 seats. The Prime Minister is Avektovoir Tewoldé and the Deputy Prime Minister is Yared Nebiyou.

Composition[edit | edit source]

There were 6 political parties that had seats in this Parliament:

Party Logo Leader Seats
Green Party Avektovoir Tewoldé 30
Socialist Party Yared Nebiyou 27
Democratic Party Saida Masresha 13
Jyahklatovalian Nationalist Party Zeki Ivanov 11
Conservative Party Kaleb Yosef Amha 10
Communist Party Daniel Nawaré 9