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Description: the big cyan and white flag - Volican States, A - Arlavia, B - Blisko, C - Cosmoprotsa, E - Enderian Tomebierah, K - Kanalia, N - New Volica, O - Old Volica, T - Tomeksovia, X - Xionts Autonomous State

Volica is a group of eight states with the wide range of autonomy, located on Volican Peninsula and nearby areas and islands. Volican States share common history and cultural heritage, but varies greatly when it comes to politics, economic systems, languages and ethnicities. Organization that groups all the states together is United Volica Foundation with the headquarter in the city of Blisko that acts as the de facto capital of the Volican States.

Administrative map of Volican States

Currently Volica is consist of eight major entities:

  • Arlavia
  • Federal District of Blisko (previously Blisko Border Area)
  • Comsoprotsa
  • Enderian Tomebierah
  • Kanalia
  • New Volica
  • Old Volica
  • Tomeksovia

Xionts Autonomous State is widely regarded as a part of Kanalia state, however Xionts as a small theocratic state holds significant autonomy in internal matters. New Volica is the most populous and holds the largest economic and political power of all the states within Volica and is the sole representative of the Volican States in the foreign relations.

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