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History -

Our country was cut off from the rest of the world and there were only a few tribal people among them. Our country was founded in the South Pacific region and the people who founded this place told the local people about the technology in the other world. One day, that founder formed a new one. The nation is called Vincenzonia and then, after the day of formation the first elections were held and the founders contested and Vineet Kanwariya was elected as the new leader of the country. Then, Vincenzonia became a Hindu nation with 98% Hindus.


There are 17 climatic zones in our country. We have hills in the north, oceans and rivers in the south, east and west. We have desert in the west. We have plains in our central part.

Political History

There are 5 major parties in the country -

1) Democratic Party : Blue

2) Republican Party : Orange

3) Federal Party : Black

4) Communist Party : Red

5) People's Party of Vincenzonia.

Currently, the Communist Party is in power.

Two National Assemblies -

1) Rajya Sabha - Upper House

2) Lok Sabha - the lower house.

fact -

1) National currency symbol - ₹

2) ₹1 = $98

3) National Animal - Russian Brown Bear

4) National Anthem - Red Sun in the Sky

5) National Capital - Ramanandapur

6) Founder - Vineet Kanwariya

7) Largest religion - Hindu

8) Priority - Education, Healthcare

9) National Bird - Daddy ' s princess

10) Motto - East or West , Communism is best.

Immigration is restricted

alcohol is banned

abortion is banned

compulsory organ harvesting policy

compulsory military service


Vincenzonia has  620 seats in house of representative and 90 seats in senate.The election style is First - Past - The - Post. Majority is House of Representatives is 311.

20th Assembly -


🔴Communist - 500

⚪ Independent - 30


🔵Democratic - 46


⚫ Federal - 44

President : Comrade Vineet Kanwaria

Term : 5 years

Communist form government with majority and it was the historic victory in Vincenzonia.Currently , Vikas Rai is the leader of opposition.

Region -

Vincenzonia was founded in South Pacific on 25th March 2023 but they resigned as they hate South Pacific then, they joined Overlands and Vincenzonia became delegate first time on 30th March 2023 but Vincenzonia resigned as there were many problems in the region. They joined India and then , Vincenzonia joined The Communist Bloc but leader resigned as a part of The Communist Bloc after the news of Communist Bloc being a frontier. One day later, Vincenzonia became the part of The Leftist Assembly.