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The United Socialist States of Democratic Republic of San Ma is a fledgling, safe nation, remarkable for its state-planned economy, irreverence towards religion, and punitive income tax rates. It is run by a Workers Parliamentary Union The democratic population of 5 million San Men are free to do what they want with their own bodies, and vote for whomever they like in elections; if they go into business, however, they are regulated to within an inch of their lives.

The large, liberal, socially-minded, outspoken government juggles the competing demands of Welfare, Education, and Healthcare. The average income tax rate is 50.9%, and even higher for the wealthy.

The weak Democratic Republic of San Man economy, worth 134 billion Mas a year, is driven entirely by a combination of government and state-owned industry, with private enterprise illegal. However, for those in the know, there is a slick, highly efficient black market in Furniture Restoration, Book Publishing, Pizza Delivery, and Basket Weaving. The private sector mostly consists of enterprising ten-year-olds selling lemonade on the sidewalk, but the government is looking at stamping this out. Average income is 26,960 Mas, and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens.

TV shows must meet strict ethnicity quotas, you're only as old as you feel, vital intelligence-gathering activities are often put on hold for Call of Honor tournaments, and a well-funded social safety net protects the unfortunate. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to a capable police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Democratic Republic of San Ma's national animal is the Reichsadler.