Podria (roleplay)

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Rosy Red Republics of Podria

Uu Podri Brafiktat Lofharbatvomvaet
Motto: Kobat Usuvaliktim
"Solidarity Forever!"
Anthem: Uu Kanit Pebalanad
The Internationale
and largest city
Official languagesPodrian
96.9% Rosy Redism
3.1% Other
GovernmentConfederal Multi-Party Socialist Republic
• Sorikdaoptan
Nadezhda Krupskaya
• Pastan
Marina Raskova
• Spikadan
Kattrin Kammrad
LegislatureUnited People's Anti-Fascist Representative Council
• Total
74,841,311 km2 (28,896,392 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
very high
Podrian State Credit used for travelers abroad
Driving sideright
Calling code+91

Podria, officially the Rosy Red Republics of Podria is a large socialist nation covering the entire planet of Neajoloen in a binary satellite orbit with Ekaestia in the Ekaestas solar system.

Podria officially unified into a planet spanning nation in the year 77954 KRR (2000 CE), before which it was comprised of 118 independent nations in a planetary federation. It is now comprised of 63 highly autonomous Dunaspadadi which are further subdivided into several Zifazilaki. Its head of state is Sisterly Leader Nadezhda Krupskaya who works with the United People's Anti-Fascist Representative Council, the legislature which is elected every 10 years.

It has a population of 10.125 billion living across all of Neajoloen, most of which are concentrated in and around the major cities of Doiregrad, Celikby, and Hivobansgrad. There are over 8,000 spoken languages in Podria but Podrian is the official language spoken by over 95% of the population and is the only language used by the central government.