New Tuva SSR

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New Tuva SSR
5th Minister of Defence
In office
30 March – 18 April 2017
Preceded byCedoria
Succeeded byAtealia
2nd Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
15 January – 30 March 2017
Preceded byLibertasnia
Succeeded byLibertasnia
In office
30 September – 31 December 2016
Preceded byKhasinkonia
Succeeded byLibertasnia
Personal details
FoundedNew Tuva SSR
31 August 2014
Ceased29 February 2020
(5 years, 5 months)
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New Tuva SSR was an Assemblian politician who served as Minister of Defence and Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2016 and 2017. They rose to notoriety as Secretary Losinia's closest ally during the first half of the April Crisis in 2017.

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