Neo Enderion (roleplay)

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Federal Republic of Neo Enderion
Федэратыўная Рэспубліка Неа-Эндэрыён
Flag of Федэратыўная Рэспубліка Неа-Эндэрыён
Motto: Freedom or Death
Anthem: March to Liberation
and largest city
Official languagesEnderian, Estian
GovernmentFederal constitutional presidential republic
• President
Valentina Rasolka
People's Assembly
Technocratic Assembly
• Panrosan Empire
• Nepriklan Enderion
• People's Republic of Enderion
• Total
487,824 km2 (188,350 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
• Density
197/km2 (510.2/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
very high
CurrencyEnderian Dollar
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideright
Neo Enderion, officially the Federal Republic of Neo Enderion (Nijo Ende-Ájon Zijújeċćycrepúbliky in Ioneac), is a federal constitutional presidential republic in the northeast of Saratova and southeastern Panrosan Peninsula, bordering the People's Republic of Helmington in the south and unincorporated tribal territories in the north. Founded in 1966, the Federal Republic of Neo Enderion is the latest nation in the Panrosan Peninsula. It is headed by the President of Enderion, the Cabinet, and the three Congress chambers. The capital is Brighthaven.

Neo Enderion has an area of 487,824 km² and a population of approximately 96M. Enderioners are a mix of native tribal ethnicities and Nepriklan. The official languages are Estian and Ioneac while Estian, Ioneac, and Lausvic are the most spoken languages.

History[edit | edit source]

Panrosan Empire[edit | edit source]

In 1565BC, the Panrosan Empire was founded, uniting tribes on the Panrosan Peninsula for the first time.

Helmington became independent in 742 and western regions dissolved into independent tribes as the Panrosan Empire weakened.

Civil war erupted in 1276 in the former central and now western regions of the empire, causing imperial troops to withdraw into the eastern edges of the Panrosan Empire.

Nepriklan Enderion[edit | edit source]

On a quest of expansion eastwards into Saratova, in 1652, the Nepriklan League invades the now very weak Panrosan Empire on its last missions to the east and colonised it as Nepriklan Enderion.

With worsening treatment by Nepriklan colonisers, in 1835, nationalists like Ladislas Ponce call for independence. Northern tribes broke apart from Nepriklan colonisers.

People's Republic of Enderion[edit | edit source]

In 1839, Enderion officially became the independent People’s Republic of Enderion from Neprikla after the Century Treaty is signed, with Ladislas Ponce as the new president.

Federal Republic of Neo Enderion[edit | edit source]

Due to a lack of freedoms and corruption within the government, mass demonstrations and international pressure forced the 86-year-old dictator Charles Boudon from power in 1966 and created the new democracy of the Federal Republic of Neo Enderion with Adam Pickering as president. This created the nation known today.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Political[edit | edit source]

Neo Enderion consists of 14 states.

State name Capital HDI Minimum wage EC$/hr Abbreviation
Azurea NeoOculum 0.979 31 AZ
Brighthaven Brighthaven 0.978 31 BR
Creonea Bergen 0.975 30 CR
East Air Raventron 0.946 27 EA
Fernhaven Easthaven 0.969 30 FE
Hazoro Redhaven 0.946 26 HA
Ixorum Uaveen 0.935 26 IX
Orbiviridis Greenboro 0.934 26 OR
Rhodea Providence 0.965 32 RH
Runggen Centurion 0.970 30 RU
Struenti Effcaseen 0.948 31 ST
Savvenion Ternlee 0.950 27 SA
Tylhaven Electroburg 0.981 30 TY
Wyvana Aspenburg 0.933 26 WY

Physical[edit | edit source]

Neo Enderion is located in the southeastern Panrosan peninsula with a temperate coastal climate, taiga inland climate, and tropical island climate. Two main mountain ranges divide the country into the West Coast, Central Plain, East Coast, and North-Central Highlands.

Politics[edit | edit source]

The Federal Republic of Neo Enderion is a federal constitutional presidential republic with the President as head of state. Federal elections for the Cabinet and Congress are held every 5 years and are based on popular vote using a first-pass-the-post system after the voting period of 5 days for all levels of candidates. If the majority candidate receives less than 35% of the popular vote, they are required to form a coalition with other leading candidates. Voting is mainly done via the DIT system digitally, with in-person voting also available in certain locations.

Congress[edit | edit source]

Congress meets in the Enderian Capitol Building in the capital, Brighthaven, and is split into three houses, the Senate, House of Representatives, and House of Juniors. The Senate has 56 seats filled with a fixed number of 4 seats per state. The House of Representatives and House of Juniors each have 48 and 96 seats respectively and are filled with proportional representation for each state. The House of Juniors is explicitly for representatives between the ages of 7 and 19, who are not represented in either of the other houses.

Main political parties
Party Designation Leader Congress seats Policies
Unity Party UNP Simon Rubio 72 Left, socialist, progressive, technology
Liberal Democratic Party LDP Justin Davis 43 Centre-left, libertarian socialist, progressive
People's Socialist Party PSP Marian Souchon 74 Centre-left, social democratic, welfare, progressive
Green Party GEP Michael Nauja 6 Centre, ecological, sustainable, pacifist
Neo Neo Enderion NNE Clark Trachsel 4 Centre-right, pro-business, technology, progressive
Republican Party RBP Davy Delcroix 1 Centre-right, conservative, nationalist

Cabinet[edit | edit source]

Position Person Party
President Marian Souchon People’s Socialist Party
Vice President Felix Ehrenburg Unity Party
Secretary of State Adrien Gaudin Liberal Democratic Party
Secretary of Finance Lydia Caballero People’s Socialist Party
Secretary of Defense Martina Castillero People’s Socialist Party
Secretary of Justice Justin Davis Liberal Democratic Party
Secretary of the Interior Lucas Brassard People’s Socialist Party
Secretary of Science and Technology Satarea Torrente Unity Party
Secretary of Welfare Leo Ayerbe Unity Party
Secretary of Infrastructure Aaron Stassen Liberal Democratic Party
Secretary of Development Austin Cox Unity Party
Secretary of Education and Culture Sophia Nilak Green Party
Secretary of Energy Lano Cabarcos People’s Socialist Party

Economy[edit | edit source]