Kulono War

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The Kulono War also known as the Kongo-Kulono War or the Kongo Invasion of Kulono was fought between 20 January and 18 February 2020 between Kongoland and Kulono Island.

Relations between the two nations had been tense for centuries, although the discovery of oil reserves in 1957 served as the main catalyst for the hostility between the nations from the mid-1900s. In 1971, Kongoland, under the control of Solomon Abayami, had attempted an invasion of Kulono, however a decisive naval defeat at the Battle off Kongo Pembe led to an end to this plan. Relations remained poor, albeit stable, for the next 48 years.

In the months leading up to January 2020, tensions rose drastically due to a dispute over the Kulono Island Settlement. The city had long historical and ethnic links to Kongoland, although these were gradually being eroded due to the influx of native Kulono people into the city, and the more inclusive Kulono-led administrations that began to emerge in the early-2010s. On 18 December 2019, the city government launched a bid to formally recognise itself as part of Kulono, which the Kulono government accepted the next day. This was followed by a statement from the Kongo President, Victor Kikunu, announcing that no such unification would be allowed to go ahead without negotiations with Kongoland. When preliminary talks collapsed on January 3 2020, with an announcement from Kulono that they would move ahead with their plans regardless, Kongoland rapidly drew up plans for an invasion, and launched an attack on 20 January.

The initial attack consisted of an aerial bombardment of Kulono's strategic assets by the Kongoland Air Force. Kulono was taken by surprise, with most of its navy and air force destroyed by this bombardment alone. It was quickly followed up by the landing of ground troops by air and sea at various key locations, which was further supported by naval assets. With little time to react, the government, along with what parts of Kulono's military were able to mobilise, fled inland. This allowed for a swift conquest of the Kulono Island Settlement, Kulono Airport, and the administrative Capital City of Taliora by Kongoland, although they still met significant resistance in their attack on the island's large naval base.