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Flag - see right


Capital City - Möchs

Population - 13 million

Government - none

People of Importance - Felix Krejčí

Currency Symbol - GRS

Currency Name - GROSS

Largest Cities - Möchs and Freudenthal

Demonym - Hause (noun)

Hausen (adjective)


Hoose (plural)

Dependent areas - none (yet)

History -Were in a government. They questioned why they had it, so they deleted it by killing all government officials (revolution)

National Animal - Red-Butted Monkey

National Symbols - The Coat of Arms (see right), Orange Juice is the national drink, Association Football/soccer is the national sport.

National Holidays - Anarchy Day, 15.8.1980+, to celebrate the revolution.

Ethnicities - Majority: German Minority: English, Slavic

Languages - German, English

Religions - 64% Catholic 20% Protestant 16% Eastern Orthodox

Citizenship - Given at birth. Can hold multiple Citizenships. Can be Naturaulized.

Suffrage - no government, no voting

Military Description:

Branches - 2 militias

Weapons / Equipment - Tanks, Machine guns, some AK-47s, some pistols, some shotguns.

Uniforms - blue militia uniforms

Vehicles - Tanks, Armored vehicles that arent Tanks, cars

Service Age - you have to be 16, volunteer military.

Historical Disputes / Conflicts

The raid of The Blue House, Anarchy day 1979.