Asturllionese Network of National Parks

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Map showing the distribution of the national parks in Asturies-Llión as of 2020.

There are nine national parks in Asturies-Llión: eight on land and a maritime one. All of the Socialist Republics have national parks. The Llionese Socialist Republic has the most (four), followed by Asturies, Estremaúra and Cantabria (two each). Only the Autonomous Province of the Pisuerga Sources has no national park, while there is a national park in front of the asturian coast.

National parks[edit | edit source]

Name Photo Province Republic Designated Area Description
Senabria Lake and Cabrera Range Llión and Zamora Llión 1950 Template:Sort Consists of the Senabria Lake, Sierra Segundera, Sierra de Porto and Sierra de Cabrera. Peña Trevinca is the highest mountain, with a peak at 2,127 meters (6,978 ft).
Muniellos Forest and High Narcea Asturies and Llión Asturies and Llión 1964 Template:Sort It is located in the western part of the Cantabric Mountains, covering the high areas of the Narcea, Tsaciana, Pigüeña, Somiedu and Ibias. Inside of the park there is the Muniellos woodland, an area with limited access. Cornón, at about 2,194 meters (7,198 ft), is the highest mountain in the park.
Arribas del Dueru Zamora and Salamanca Llión 1976 Template:Sort Covers the Duero valley in the portuguese border, which creates a gorge in this area.
Salines de Villafáfila Zamora Llión 1958 Template:Sort
San Pedro Range Caçris, Badahós and Méria Estremaúra 1962 Template:Sort
Eastern Cantabrian Coast Cantabria Cantabria 1986 Template:Sort
Le Danois Bank In front of the coast of Asturies. Cantabric Sea 2008 Template:Sort
Monfragüe Prasencia Estremaúra 1995 Template:Sort
Picos d'Europa Asturies, Llión and Cantabria Asturies, Llión and Cantabria 1918 Template:Sort Covers the mountain range Picos d'Europa (part of the Cantabrian Mountains) and consists of three massifs: Central, Western and Eastern. La Torre Cerréu, at 2,646 meters (8,681 ft), is the highest mountain.