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New Samon, formally the Socialist Ocean Territories of New Samon, is a federal republic situated in The Leftist Assembly. It is on a small island on the Isaway continent. The nation was formed in 2020 after a brief civil war, with four states- Golling, Rotshire, Pumten, and Dollingstar. The capital Whalingrad is located in Dollingstar.

The national currency is the wali, and the national animal is the fish.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

According to historians, the nation was discovered in 1322 by Felix Sharck, an explorer from the Minoh village in now mainland Isaway. He led a team of ten in hopes of finding riches for him and the village. The team found none, and so the island remained unsettled.

In late 1638, a young explorer named Henry Salham reportedly heard tales of an uncolonized land. The explorer was from the same area as the now gone Minoh village. The city he was from was called Golling, which is the namesake for a state. He went out with about forty people to colonize the lands. They set up a small fishing village named Samon in 1639.

The village appointed Salham as first mayor in 1640, and became an autocracy due to laws not being put in place. Under his rule of seven years the village grew into a small city for historical standards, with around a six-hundred residents largely due to immigration to the country. He died in 1647, with his son Timothy Salham being put in power. He grew the nation more in ten years, expanding borders, bettering living standards, and growing a larger population. The original city was named Old Samon. The nation would hold two-thousand residents in 1658. Timothy Salham passed in 1670, giving power to his son.

Salham Dynasty and Turdle Rule[edit | edit source]

The Salham dynasty would last for less than one-hundred years more, until 1768. The nation grew from forty to eighty-eight thousand, encompassed the island, and had outstanding living conditions for its time. Modern historians from New Samon consider a great nation and arguably performed as well as the current nation even as a monarchy. Records show that the people held great freedoms and Samon was a pacifist nation.

In 1768, a large military landed on the beaches and sieged Old Samon for unknown reasons. An official declaration of war was sent to the then ruler George Salham from a large nation called Turdle. The nation was under a military dictatorship, with the general leading them, and infamous in Imaway for its conquests. The city of Old Samon was set ablaze the next night it was conquered. Samon quickly fell in a year due to being a pacifist nation and held a small, unarmed militia. George Salham was executed the day after. The inhumane ways of the conquest angered the population, who showed much resistance against the Turdle army. Samon was named a colony of Turdle and governed with much force. The rule lasted until 1801.

In mid-1801, an independence movement quickly grew, resulting in riots, protests, and small conflicts. What is now known as Bloody Sunday, a massacre from Turdle forced took place in order to crush morale of the movement. Historians believe a thousand to ten-thousand Samons were murdered. The move angered the population more, and an organized riot took place the following day. News reached mainland Turdle and soon revolts took place around the lands. The riots eventually turned into what would be considered a revolution, and the weakened Turdle forces were crushed in 1803.

Republic of Samon[edit | edit source]

Following the revolution, a government was quickly established and the new Samonian constitution was written. It described the new nation as a federal republic, with direct democracy. The first president of the nation, Ronald Terrince grew fame due to his policies and economic recovery. He held on to his presidency for two six-year terms. The Republic of Samon grew to be an economic powerhouse with a powerful military.

In 1903, the centennial anniversary of the success of the revolution saw a rise in nationalism when then-president Nathaniel Larkly celebrated the first military parade and enacted new policies. His term saw him rise quickly in fame as a figure who promised revenge on who he blamed for the Turdle rule, the Bassk. He was re-elected in 1905. The Bassks saw prejudice and racial injustice directed towards them in Samon, and many seeked asylum in nearby nations. A law recently passed closed all borders, and Bassk who attempted to leave were prosecuted. Racial segregation was put in place, and many crimes were blamed on the Bassk. Nathaniel declared war on a nation with a majority of Bassk residents. They were put in labor camps within the homeland. The nation quickly capitulated, and the international opinion turned against Samon.

The Hundred-Year Rule[edit | edit source]

In 1911, Nathaniel was elected for the third time and promised economic autarky and revenge on the international community. He declared war a defense pact against Samon, which started a seven-year war which saw the Samonians victorious. In 1918, Nathaniel was assassinated by a left-wing resistance group. A state of emergency was put in place by new president Garfield Day, which put in him place indefinitely. He enacted martial law which saw the rights of the civilians disappear, and also put secret police in place. His rule lasted for several years, until his death in 1929. The now-dictatorship changed for many years before the last rule in 2011 when Arnold Parch was put in power. He took charge of the nation, which lost many of its territories in rebellions. The destabilized nation was on the brink of the civil war, which eventually took place in 2018.

Samonian Civil War[edit | edit source]

The left-wing faction responsible for starting the conflict, named the Samonian Revolutionary Army, grew in fame with its promises of bringing back personal freedom, recovering from poverty, and the removal of a dictatorship. The majority of the nation, who were mainly of the working class, supported the faction with many joining the ranks. The war started with the assassination of many high-ranking government officials while they were in a press conference.

Politics and Government[edit | edit source]

Government[edit | edit source]

Within the constitution, New Samon is described to be a federal republic. It gives a description of the goal of the government and the nation which is 'to withhold utopian ideals and egalitarian, feminist, ideas.'

The federal level of the government is lead by the secretary, which is currently Matthias Jensen. The secretary leads a cabinet which is appointed by them. The government also holds a Supreme Court and Congress, respectively.