British Accia

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British Accia
In office
14 January 2016 – 15 April 2018
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byThe Final Horseman
2nd Minister of Defence
In office
30 September – 15 October 2016
Preceded byCedoria
Succeeded byRare Pepe Hunters
2nd Minister of Immigration and Customs
In office
17 July – 30 September 2016
Preceded byLightMine
Succeeded byDaemynos
Personal details
FoundedBritish Accia
16 January 2014
Ceased15 April 2018
(4 years, 2 months)
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British Accia was an Assemblian citizen who served as an original co-founder from 2016 to 2018, and as both Minister of Immigration and Customs, then Minister of Defence, in 2016.

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