3rd Parliament of Llorens

The 3rd Parliament of Llorens was elected at the 2018 federal election. This Parliament consisted of 100 members and was in place from 30 June 2018 to 29 June 2019. The Socialist Party formed the majority government comprising 52 seats. The President was Sofia Vusmein and the Vice President was Ludwig Gurrentin.

3rd Parliament of Llorens
Coat of arms or logo
Sofia Vusmein,
Socialist Party
since 30 June 2018
Vice President
Ludwig Gurrentin,
Socialist Party
since 30 June 2018
Political groups
Government (52)
     Socialist (52)
Opposition (48)
     Communist (23)
     Green (10)
     Democratic (8)
     Conservative (4)
     Libertarian (3)
Closed-list proportional representation
Last election
30 June 2018

Composition Edit

There were 6 political parties that had seats in this Parliament:

Party Logo Leader Seats
Socialist Party   Sofia Vusmein 52
Communist Party   Bruno Weiss 23
Green Party   Fraser Zilberschlag 10
Democratic Union   Adrian Stefansen 8
Conservative Party   Stephanie Richards 4
Libertarian Alliance   Kaoru Sung 3