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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Flag of the Therblessaryan Democratic People's Socialist republic

Therblesser, officially the Democratic People's Socialist Republic of Therblesser, or DPSRT (Therblessaryan: Ҫербле́сская Демократишкая Соцялиская Народна Респъўблика, latinized Therblesskaya Demokratishkaja Sotsyaliskaya Narodna Resp'wblika in Oçerian: Yervlessênnêe Demḩayann Soyaláh Volgênnêe Repuvlica) is a nation governed by the Therblessaryan Prolet.

is a nation governed by the prolet, which has as president from 2021 by Mark Trečij Ricjenov. It became indipendent in 2020, when the Therblessaryan People's Liberation Army liberated the country by the mona rchy.