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| header3 = Candidates
| label4 = Secretary/<br>Prime Minister | data4 = North Amherst/Farerein, <br>The Final Horseman/<br>Argentigrad
| label5 = General AssemblySenators | data5 = Davene, <br>Dawtania, <br>Deloi and Aquila, <br>Fevhader, <br>Great Varia, <br>Greylyn, <br>Kalordolor, <br>Kavagrad, <br>Logikie, <br>South Miruva, <br>Zaratov
===General AssemblySenators===
{|class="wikitable center" style="width:40%"
! style="width:50%" | Candidate
As a result, The Final Horseman and Argentigrad were elected as Secretary and Prime Minister respectively.
===General AssemblySenators===
The following are the head-to-head results compiled in a table: