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Welcome to TLAwiki!
The official wiki of The Leftist Assembly. 215 articles and counting.

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  • TLAwiki is a community wiki project to document the history, culture and information of the region of The Leftist Assembly on NationStates
  • TLAwiki is hosted using a free domain from FreeDNS and is managed by Llorens (User:Lawrencedepe)
  • Region wiki changes are monitored; nation wiki changes are largely not

If you need help or have any queries, contact Llorens via Discord or telegram.


  • 19 April 2021: 200 pages have been created on the wiki.
  • 27 August 2020: 100 pages have been created on the wiki.
  • 7 August 2020: TLAwiki is officially opened!

The Assemblian Flag Project

Llorens is currently looking for the following flags to add to the archive of national flags in the wiki:

  • Facemus
  • Great Varia
  • LightMine
  • Listel
  • Rare Pepe Hunters
  • Zukalia

If you have image files for these former nations, please send them to Llorens via Discord or telegram.