Labuepé Armed Forces

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Labuepé Armed Forces
Mottoቤሲባምሲያ ኤ ዲሞክራስያ (Bravery and Democracy)
Founded1 October 1721; 299 years ago
Service branchesMilitary Branches
Labuepé Army
Labuepé Marines
Labuepé Navy
Official Labuepé Air Force
Reserve Branches
Labuepé National Guard
Labuepé Coast Guard
HeadquartersLa Solandé, Litokqkobémwvéwvébémiji
Prime MinisterLabuepé'ée Flag (1917- ).png Avektovoir Tewoldé
Commander GeneralLabuepéArmedForcesFlag.png Kmdfb.Jys. David B. Amhatariku
Secretary of Homeland SecurityLabuepéHomelandSecurityFlag.png Abebé Natayé
Military age21 for voluntary service.
Active personnel751,615
Reserve personnel98,715
Deployed personnel0
Budget30.7 billion (2020)
Percent of GDP2%
Domestic suppliersLabuepé Arms Organization, Éiro-Manulabuep, al-de-Abi-Mekdem Missiles, Abdimeleq Defense Systems, Zaléluw, Andené Air Company, Miimii Ayené Alwées Iskinder
Foreign suppliersNone
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