Green Party (Labuepé)

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Green Party
LeaderAvektovoir Tewoldé
Founded4 February 1934
Social Justice
Political positionCentre-left
Colours     Green
30 / 100

The Green Party is a centre-left political party in Labuepé. The party currently holds 30 seats in the 10rd Parliament and its leader is Avektovoir Tewoldé, the current Prime Minister. The party's core ideology is environmentalism, nonviolence, and social justice.


The party was established in the 1935 election, however, the green party has been around unofficially since 1917. The first official party leader was Muhammad de al Sélamumelassé. The Green Party improved civil rights and political freedoms throughout Labuepé history, but the Green Party has never been great with managing the economy, and often have hurt it. The Green Party is famous for establishing the Jyahklatovalian Nationalist Party, and improving Jyahklatovalian civil rights to their great quality.

Election results

Election Seats won ± Position Leader
30 / 100
Increase 17 1st AvektovoirTewoldé.jpg
Avektovoir Tewoldé